Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Deuce and the Bushmen

Two African Bushmen are squating on a boulder in the middle of the Kalahari Desert watching the sun set and communing with the universe. Neither says a word. Finally the sun drops below the infinite horizon in a glorious explosion of color and the stars begin to come out. The two bushmen gaze at the startling beauty of the Milky Way and each in his own way ponders the meaning of life and his place in the Great Spirit's plan for humanity. The calm of the early evening in the desert is disturbed only by a gentle breeze.

Bushmen #1: Did you hear that TV is going digital?
Bushmen #2: Only about a million times. Everywhere I go that's all anyone is talking about.

Dusk deepens into night and the moon rises in the eastern sky, full and yellow and impossibly huge. With the fullness of night comes the sounds of the nocturnal desert dwellers, hunting and being hunted; searching for mates; locked in the daily struggle to survive and to procreate their species. It's a scene as old as the Earth.

Bushmen #2: What the hell is TV any way?

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