Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mr. Quarter Follows Up - Coming Obama Scandal

I stumbled on this in the NY Post today in an article by Charles Gasparino:

"Execs of the big Wall Street firms, including Goldman, tell me they felt compelled to bail out a failed Chicago bank a few months ago, because of Shorebank's close ties to the president and his senior adviser Valerie Jarrett. Even when the bank went under, the Wall Street money remained in a newly constituted institution that later emerged when the federal government (ie, the taxpayers) took over all the bad debts while the old management went back to the same mission of unprofitable albeit politically correct lending.

Why would some of the most savvy businessmen in America throw good money after bad? Because offending the administration might be suicidal."

Could this be the bud of the banking scandal that insiders are intimating will bring down the Obama administration? Stay tuned.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Mr. Quarter on the Coming Obama Scandal

In surveying various blogs on the internet, I stumbled upon one that is particularly interesting in that it purports to be in communication with a party identified as "White House Insider" or WHI. Now WHI is from time to time sharing insights into the politics of the moment, stuff that you just don't see in the media. For some time now, WHI has been alluding to a coming scandal in the Obama White House that will bring down the President. The trigger has been the election of a Republican House - the Democrat leadership in congress has apparently been suppressing this for some time and the MSM simply hasn't put the whole story together. So here a few snippets of what may be the outside edges of the scandal - lets watch the news over the next few months and see if this is the where the scandal erupts.

In April 2010, the FDIC shutdown the Broadway Bank of Chicago. A final report was scheduled for prior to the elections, then rescheduled for after the elections, and still hasn't been issued. Obama's campaign has used this bank as a depository for their campaign funds in the past.

Alexi Giannoulis was a VP of the bank, and also ran for the former Obama senate seat this cycle and was defeated. He has long standing connections to Obama politically and as a fund raiser. He has connections to Blogojevich. He was recorded on tape in Blogojevich investigation advocating for Valerie Jarret to be appointed to Obama's former senate seat.

It was claimed that Giannoulis lent substantial sums ($13M) to Tony Rezko for development projects. Giannoulis also lent Obama money to buy his home at discounted rates so that he could afford the payments.

The scandal? Don't know and would only be speculating. However, WHI is suggesting that the scandal will originate in Chicago and that it has a thread that runs through all of the actors mentioned.

We will wait and see.

Other WHI tidbits:
1. Pelosi is P.O.ed at Obama and is willing to do a scorched earth departure from the House. He aim is to torpedo Obama for 2012. She is apparently ticked at having carried the water only be be left swinging in the wind.
2. Pelosi is actively talking to the Clintons about 2012.
3. Sounds a lot like H. Clinton will be making a run at Obama for the 2012 nomination.
4. Democrats that are the politicos are mortified at what they got with Obama and are working to isolate the party from him in anticipation of the coming scandal.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Deuce And Zombies

Twenty year old men go to sleep at night and dream of making sweet love to beautiful women...forty year old men go to sleep at night and dream of slaughtering their enemies. But before going to sleep, more and more boys and men are gunning down zombies with boundless glee!

What is it about killing zombies that so enthralls men of all ages? From movies like Night of the Living Dead, 28 Days Later, I Am Legend and Resident Evil to video games too numerous to name to TV shows like The Walking Dead, killing zombies has never known such halcyon days. Is it mindless slaughter? Is it the primal urge? Is it relief from the pent-up stress of modern living? Is it insanity? Or is it just boys being boys having good clean fun?

It may be all of the above, or none. I'm not sure. But I am sure of this; when the virus gets loose and the zombies are running rampant in their endless search for brains to eat, and modern society has broken down to the basest level of survival, THERE ARE NO MORE RULES.

No more rules. That's the key I think. With every year that goes by, humanity is buried under more and more rules. In America, every session of Congress brings another wave of laws, regulations and restrictions to further control us. Like Gulliver, we are tied down by thousands of thin strands of regulation to the point we can not move without running afoul of one law or another.

But when the zombies are loose, all of those laws go out the window. You arm yourself to the hilt with guns, swords, knives and axes. Enough weapons to make both Schwartzenegger and Stallone green with envy. You're only concern is staying alive. Find food, water and security for the night. During the day, kill anything that moves. Life is, as Hobbes described, "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short." But, and it's a big but, life is also simple.

Simplicity. Grossly under-valued today. Imagine, no more sweating the never ending decline of your 401(k), or wondering if Social Security will still be around when you're old enough to collect, or if qauntitative easing will trigger hyper-inflation and wipe out your savings. No more rush hour, or endlessly unproductive meetings at work that accomplish nothing except rob you of hours of your life. No more days of feeling foolish trying to get your new 72" flat screen connected to your cable receiver, dvr and dvd player. No more hours wasted talking to Indians trying to fix your virus infected computer, or synching your iPod to your iPad to your iPhone to your iScrewthis! No more thousands of dollars wasted converting your albums to cassettes, you cassettes to CDs and your CDs to digital MP3 files. No more forking out thousands to upgrade your PS1 to PS2, your PS2 to PS3 and upgrading all the games to go with them.

Zombie land is so much easier, and it's all under your control. You decide how best to survive the day, not some schmuck in Washington trying to dictate what caliber ammo you can or can't use to waste the brain eaters. No sour puss do-gooders to berate you when you light up a Marlboro after a long day of species cleansing. No bills or endless junk mail in the mail box. No MSNBC or Jersey Shore or minute to minute updates on Lindsey Lohan's struggles to find peace in a cruel, cruel world.

Just peace and quiet, with occasional scattered automatic weapons fire.

No more rules. No more dictats. No more being controlled. No more parasitic weaklings demanding my help to keep them alive and comfortable.

Zombies. God, please, bring them on. It's got to be better than this.