Monday, November 15, 2010

Mr. Quarter on the Coming Obama Scandal

In surveying various blogs on the internet, I stumbled upon one that is particularly interesting in that it purports to be in communication with a party identified as "White House Insider" or WHI. Now WHI is from time to time sharing insights into the politics of the moment, stuff that you just don't see in the media. For some time now, WHI has been alluding to a coming scandal in the Obama White House that will bring down the President. The trigger has been the election of a Republican House - the Democrat leadership in congress has apparently been suppressing this for some time and the MSM simply hasn't put the whole story together. So here a few snippets of what may be the outside edges of the scandal - lets watch the news over the next few months and see if this is the where the scandal erupts.

In April 2010, the FDIC shutdown the Broadway Bank of Chicago. A final report was scheduled for prior to the elections, then rescheduled for after the elections, and still hasn't been issued. Obama's campaign has used this bank as a depository for their campaign funds in the past.

Alexi Giannoulis was a VP of the bank, and also ran for the former Obama senate seat this cycle and was defeated. He has long standing connections to Obama politically and as a fund raiser. He has connections to Blogojevich. He was recorded on tape in Blogojevich investigation advocating for Valerie Jarret to be appointed to Obama's former senate seat.

It was claimed that Giannoulis lent substantial sums ($13M) to Tony Rezko for development projects. Giannoulis also lent Obama money to buy his home at discounted rates so that he could afford the payments.

The scandal? Don't know and would only be speculating. However, WHI is suggesting that the scandal will originate in Chicago and that it has a thread that runs through all of the actors mentioned.

We will wait and see.

Other WHI tidbits:
1. Pelosi is P.O.ed at Obama and is willing to do a scorched earth departure from the House. He aim is to torpedo Obama for 2012. She is apparently ticked at having carried the water only be be left swinging in the wind.
2. Pelosi is actively talking to the Clintons about 2012.
3. Sounds a lot like H. Clinton will be making a run at Obama for the 2012 nomination.
4. Democrats that are the politicos are mortified at what they got with Obama and are working to isolate the party from him in anticipation of the coming scandal.

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Ken said...

There's no shock about Hillary potentially running against Obama in 2012 - I predicted that to you a year ago.....