Monday, December 17, 2012

Mr. Quarter Isn't Buying It!

Nope, not a word of it.  Early last week Susan Rice withdraws her name from consideration for Secretary of State, citing the Benghazi matter as simply attracting too much negative attention to her and creating distractions.   Hillary Clinton was scheduled to begin testimony today (Monday December 17) before a committee of the US Senate on what she knew about the Benghazi matter. Wouldn't you know it, about the same time that Susan Rice made her announcement, Hillary got a stomach ache (food poisoning - right!)  Then  a couple days later, Hillary fainted, fell down and went boom - got a concussion, although (surprise) it was only a "mild" one.  But (surprise again), she didn't go to a hospital and  doctors orders were to cancel all work for the next week.  Meanwhile, John Kerry being the gentlemen that he is, leaped to her aid and declared that she couldn't possibly be expected to testify in her condition. How gallant!.  Shortly afterward, word went forth from the White House aids that John Kerry will be nominated as Secretary of State.

Well, you can't piss down Mr. Quarter's back and tell him its raining.  Hillary, aided by Barry O's peeps and JFK, has rolled out the famous Clinton "Big Lie" that we have all seen in the past.  Remember the Rosewater law firm billing records that mysteriously appeared in the White House Living Quarters - Hillary had no recollection.  Remember  Travelgate - she had no recollections.  Remember Big Bill and "I didn't have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinski." So now the big  lie is used to keep her from going under oath and testifying on what really happend, how she made the call to keep Barry O from getting sunk in the election.  This lie is to preserve her chance at the presidency in 2016.  And the quid pro quo for JFK is Sec. of State, where he can bloviate and pontificate to his hearts content.

Who was it, Goebbels or Stalin that said the public will believe the Big Lie much quicker and easier that little lies?

Who wants to bet that Hillary never testifies before any committee of the House or Senate on Benghazi? Mr. Quarter wouldn't take that bet for anything.

Mr. Quarter Offers Congratulations

At times, something good does come along and Mr. Quarter feels that perhaps God does care on a small scale.  To my surprise, The Duce recently announced his betrothal Mr. Quarter's sister!  The Duce has been one of my best friends for about 40 years, and I always felt him a brother.  But now I can actually call him "Bro" and know there is some truth to it.  My sister was married for over 20 years to a trailer trash creep who treated her like a piggy bank.  The Duce was married, long ago, to a witch that left him penniless after cleaning out the house and bank account in secret.  When most people are building careers and lives, Duce's full time gig was caring for his aged and ill parents. So after sacrifice  hardship, and misery they both found each other (again - another story) and created a new relationship and now a life together. I couldn't be more pleased!