Friday, July 23, 2010

The Deuce and a Tale of Two Males

Two men; both guilty of crimes, some large and some small. Both made their names in Hollywood. This is about how these men are perceived in Hollywood, how they are perceived in middle America and how they are treated in the media. It's also a reflection of the chasm that exists in America between Left and Right; between what is acceptable and what is not; what is right and what is wrong; what is evil and what is not. It speaks to the relationship between men and women, as it really is and how it is depicted in the media of New York and Hollywood, the salons of the Upper West Side and at kitchen tables in the heartland.

Roman Polanski is a movie director and rapist. Convicted of sexual assault of a minor he fled the U.S. to avoid incarceration and sought sanctuary in Switzerland, a country with no extradition treaty with America. His victim was a 13 year old girl. He has lived in the lap of luxury in Europe for over 30 years and continued his career in film. He has never been punished for his crime. The U.S. recently tried to extradite Polanski...Switzerland ultimately blocked the attempt, and good 'ol Roman is once again free to run rampant, kind of like an evil imp in the Sound of Music.

Mel Gibson is a movie actor and director, a convicted drunk driver, and the most hated man in America right now if you believe the popular media and discount Barack Obama. He's not hated for what he has done, but instead for things he has said. For words. He is accused of being an anti-Semite, racist and misogynist due to his recorded statements during his DUI arrest, and more recently for what he's said to his ex-girlfriend, the mother of his infant daughter.

So, one man is defended for his heinous act, one man is vilified for his words. Why? Well, you know why. In the popular media, sex is just sex ( see Bill Clinton ), but hate speech is an affront to the cultured elite and hence the epitome of evil.

Some Hollywood heavy hitters went so far as to sign a petition calling for the release of Polanski after he was arrested by Swiss officials. Martin Scorcese, Woody Allen and Stephen Soderbergh among them. Their reasoning varied. Some thought Polanski had 'done his time', others thought the court proceedings were politically motivated ( please note Polanski pleaded guilty ) while Whoopi Goldberg gave a half-hearted defense of 'it wasn't 'rape' rape. You're right Whoopi. Polanskis's victim wasn't dragged off the street, beaten to a pulp and raped with a knife at her throat, what Whoopi calls 'rape' rape. Instead, the 13 year old girl was lured to a house by Polanski, plied with drugs and liquor, and then oh so gently sodomized while the victim said no over and over again. Not 'rape' rape, meaning violent, but 'gentle' rape, also known as the Hollywood method.

Polanski's a rapist. Period. Imagine the 13 year old victim was your daughter. Rape? You betcha'. Sentence; UP AGAINST THE WALL YOU SICK TWISTED FREAK! For the more insulated among you, 'up against the wall' means death by firing squad, also known as the Utah method.

Contrast Hollywood's defense of Polanski with the outpouring of hate for Mel Gibson. No petitions in support of Mel. And what's Mel's crime? Drunken enraged rants over the phone, aimed at a woman he once loved and who once loved him ( presumably ) and who bore him a daughter. Now she doesn't love him and wants to take his daughter from him along with millions of dollars of his wealth. Gee! You think that might drive a man to lose his mind and say some vile things? Naw! No man has every done that before.

Surely that's never happened before, just like some euro-trash gold digger never got her hooks into a famous multi-millionaire so she could milk him for a life time of alimony and child support worth tens of millions of dollars ( the kid's the key to the whole scheme, don't you know? ). And surely no woman has said equally vile things to any man who did her wrong, much less cut his dick off or set his bed on fire while he slept.

Nothing enrages a man more than being betrayed, and no one is in a better position to betray a man than his wife/girl friend. The woman he's fathered children with. The woman who knows his deepest secrets, fears and weaknesses...things he would never reveal to another man. And then this woman uses that knowledge against him. To deprive him of his child and his wealth so she can live like a queen on his dime. Naw, that never drove any man crazy.

But, and it's a big one, Mel NEVER raped her, or victimized her with years of physical abuse. She's lucky Mel's not a Muslim or she'd have to be on the lookout for her father and brothers lest they show her the meaning of respect and whip a little honor killing on her, also known as the Muslim method.

Actions that injure and Hollywood gives you a free pass. Words that hurt, both the target and especially the sensibilities of the cultured elite, and you get vilified and shunned.

Not just a Tale of Two Males, but a Tale of one animal and one man.

Not just a Tale of Two Males, but a Tale of Two Americas.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

If Its So Great, Why Aint Anyone Buyin' It?

Mr. Quarter has been amused lately by all the wailing, pissing and moaning coming from the Left. The central theme seems to be that Obama has really disappointed the Left for failing to achieve the full demolition of the constitutional United States, and this fall the electorate appears likely to replace sufficient numbers of Democrat congressmen and senators frustrate any further attempts. Worst of all, the Left just cannot get their minds around the fact that the majority of America just don't think like them and won't accept their political viewpoint. This excerpt from an article by Paul Waldman published in today's online version of The American Prospect exemplifies the prevailing attitude on the Left:

"All over the country, progressives are gripped by gloom. It's partly directed at Obama (if only he had done this or that, everything would be different) and partly about the fact that the GOP seems to grow dumber and more ideologically radical by the day. But the broader frustration is with a system whose dysfunction and corruption seems worse than ever -- one that seems like it's designed to stop progressive change."

So, Mr. Waldman thinks that the GOP (and probably anyone else who might object) is simply growing dumber because we don't fully and unquestioningly embrace the politics of the Left. Note that he laments that the system is simply broken because it seems that "is designed to stop progressive change." Really. And all this time, I thought that it was simply the republican form of government in the United States where all citizens have equal representation in Senate and proportional representation in the House of Representatives. I had no idea that it was all a conspiracy to reject the uniformly brilliant and visionary ideas of the Left.

What stumps Mr. Quarter is the arrogance of Mr. Waldman and others of his ilk. There is no mysterious conspiracy and the "fix" isn't in to tilt the balance away from so called "Progressives." It is very simply that the ideology of the Left is contrary to the American Spirit and distasteful to the overwhelming majority of voters. If the Progressive Left desires to govern and to make changes, there is a clear path and method: Produce an ideology that can attract sufficient support in the marketplace of political discourse such that it can be enacted into law with bi-partisan support. If this requires amending the Constitution of the United States, then so be it. The amending procedure is straight forward and prescribed. All you need is to sell your changes to the electorate and their representatives in the Congress and the States will enact the change. Bottom line is if you lack the support of the people, then you really don't have a very good idea.

Now Mr. Quarter knows what Andrew Wilkow means when he ends his radio show with: "We are right, they are wrong, end of story."

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Deuce and the Man Cave


It may be the very last place an average guy can still be a man. The Man Cave, where political correctness is not only banned, but punishable by death, or at least withering ridicule toxic enough to shrink testicles. In the Man Cave, belching, farting and nut scratching are unremarkable. Bullshit is both admired and rejected depending on the context. A good dirty joke is applauded while a bad dirty joke is just a bad joke. A play by play account of your latest sexual exploit is admired, laughed at or hooted down depending on your story telling skill and chutzpa.

In the Man Cave, demons are released, frustrations vented and the plain truth, ugly or sublime, finds free expression in a world no longer free.

You see, what happens in the Man Cave stays in the Man Cave. Say almost anything, no matter how off the wall or embarrassing or socially unacceptable, and it goes no further. Like the Ia Drang Valley in Vietnam, the Man Cave is a free-fire zone; shoot anything that moves, defend yourself at all times and watch your buddie's back. Enjoy being alive minute by minute. No one is promised tomorrow, and sometimes you just have to run up the Jolly Roger and start cutting throats.

Women and Castrati ( fags and the pussy-whipped ) have already tried to co-opt the Man Cave into something that's nothing more than the outward trappings of guy stuff. To them, the Man Cave is just interior decorating tinged with masculine favorites like dark paneling, a big screen HD TV, a pool table and a fridge for the beer. It's just butch Feng Shui. As usual, they've got it all wrong. It's not really their fault though...women and castrati have never been in a Man Cave. What makes a Man Cave is not the neon Bud sign or the foosball table or the gun's the free flow of ideas, speech and actions awash in unrepentant testosterone. Man Caves are for cave men, and cave men don't give a shit about Feng Shui. And if you don't think you know a cave man, I guarantee you you're wrong. You just haven't earned enough trust to see the cave man come out and play.

By definition, what goes on in a Man Cave is for men alone. Women and children may pass through the room, but when they do it's not a Man Cave. Their very presence transforms a Man Cave into just another living space, suitable for polite company, minors and Hallmark moments. It is only when men and only men are present does a Man Cave actually exist. It's like a tear in the fabric of space-time where estrogen does not exist, where breasts do not go but a nice rack is worshiped and primal violence is understood to be as necessary to life as breathing. Where tribal membership is acknowledged simply by being there because those not of the tribe never enter your Man Cave. Testosterone knows no race or ethnicity or faith. Men recognize men, and while we may refer to one another by crude racial and ethnic epithets, sometimes in friendship and sometimes not, that does not negate our essential understanding of what each experiences every day of our lives. The need to compete, the need to provide, the need to conquer...the need to advance our station in life...and the devil take the hindmost.

There are some things that are not tolerated even in the Man Cave. Protestations of the essential "rightness" of pederasty will at the very least get you a beat down and permanent exclusion from the Man Cave. Confessing to an on-going life of crime, ditto. Criminals who prey on the innocent are just parasites, not men, and not tolerated in the Man Cave.

Booze flows; high end Scotch, low end beer, tequila, Jack and Jim and the doesn't really matter which. Men drink what they want, and if it's not for you, well you're just a pussy and pass the chips asshole.

The big game is on the big screen, but the the volume is turned down. AC/DC, Motley Crue and Guns N' Roses rumble and bellow out of the stereo, with some Hank Jr., Waylon and Toby Keith thrown in for the country guys. The Texas Holdem gets to rolling while someone gets a good break in the 8-ball game.

The talks goes everywhere. "The wife's busting my balls about working too much and not helping with the kids." "My boss is on my ass about production while he spends a two hour lunch screwing the new receptionist." "My new AR-15 is the baddest motherfucker on the range." "When is this shitty state going to pass a "Shall Issue" concealed carry law?" "Come help me cut those trees down you lazy fuck! I'll supply the beer and pizza." "How much gold you got in your 401k?" "Does that Viagra shit really work?" "My truck needs new tires but they cost a damn fortune. Anybody know anybody in the tire bizz can maybe give me a good deal?" "Are the Chiefs gonna suck again this year?" "Church is a drag. It's all 'save the poor in Douchebagistan' and 'we're really sorry about all the pervs'." "I'm fucked if my unemployment runs out next month." "I'm cutting up all my credit cards...the wife is bankrupting me buying shoes and drapes and quilts and other worthless chick shit." My daughter wants to get her fucking eyebrow pierced." "Every time I workout my damn shoulder hurts like a bitch." "If I don't have a gaping hole somewhere and I'm not bleeding like a stuck pig, my doctor don't know shit." "I think my dad's got Alzheimer's. Christ!" "I can't stand that Pelosi bitch." You see that blond chick on Fox News with the great tits?" "I'm hearing rumors that the plant is shutting down. Gonna outsource the work to China or India or some damn place where the peasants work for a bowl of rice a day." "Don't get married...just find a bitch you hate and buy her a house...same thing." "Deer season opens next week." "Getting old is a motherfucker!"

Sometimes tempers flare and a little dust up spices the evening. Not everyone agrees on everything, and some beliefs are held close to the heart. Bottom line...never take shit, and if a friend crosses the line you gotta let him know. It's understood, it's expected, and it's all good.

At the end of the night everyone goes home feeling a little better than they did when they arrived. Tomorrow doesn't look quite so daunting, life's challenges a little less insurmountable. The night has reminded them how much easier they have it than their fathers and grandfathers did.

It reminds them how sweet life is, no matter the disapointments and pains and fears.

The Man Cave. It's not pretty, but it's real...and we like it like that.

Now you know.

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Deuce, NASA and Muslim Self Esteem

"It is not only my right, but my civic duty, to ridicule the ridiculous."

Robert Heinlein

"NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said in a recent interview that his "foremost" mission as the head of America's space exploration agency is to improve relations with the Muslim world.

Though international diplomacy would seem well outside NASA's orbit, Bolden said in an interview with Al Jazeera that strengthening those ties was among the top tasks President Obama assigned him. He said better interaction with the Muslim world would ultimately advance space travel."

Muslim nations list "Top Ten Ways Interaction With Us Would Advance Space Travel."

10. The Koran Code...secret to faster-than-light travel!

9. If we can live in Afghanistan you KNOW we can live on the Moon.

8. Oil! "Greener" than your infidel rocket fuel.

7. ET getting upitty? JIHAD! Reasonable rates.* ( Jihad subject to conversion ).
6. Highly experienced with short range rockets. Just ask the Jews.

5. Two out of three Muslim doctors recommend clitorectomies in zero gravity.

4. Nip those embarrassing astronaut love triangles in the bud. Nobody does honor killings like us.

3. We've got the world's leading technology on turbans and burqas suitable for space.

2. Got killer asteroids? Troublesome spy satellites? We've got suicide bombers for every occasion.

1. We've got an unlimited supply of potential astronauts. They can't take off or land, but they're good at colliding...uh, we mean docking."

* Degrading advanced cultures via slow illegal immigration extra. See France and England for details.

Allah Akbar!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Deuce, America & Western Civ, II

The world gets a bit smaller every day. First it was the telegraph, then radio, then movies, then air travel. TV followed, satellites broadcast it all over the world, then the Internet exploded and just like that people could sit in their living rooms and communicate instantaneously with people on the other side of the world whenever they wanted to for a cost next to nothing. We can trade pictures, movies, music and everything else you can imagine, send and receive money, conduct all kinds of business, and suddenly every culture in the world is mixing with every other culture at the speed of light, 24/7. We can watch online as the space shuttle Atlantis and the International Space Station transit the sun and marvel at our technology...

and minutes later we can see video of a Jew being decapitated by Muslims, and gasp in horror at the barbarity of ancient blood feuds.

How are we to react to cultures so disparate? One culture explores space while another is deeply entrenched in 7th Century barbarism. One culture embraces individual liberty, free enterprise, science and technology that has demonstrably improved the lives of all humanity, while at the very same time another culture on the other side of the world embraces the brutal subjugation of women and non-believers, content to live in mud huts or palaces built with petro-dollars while they desperately try to deny the advancement of all of humanity except themselves.

Peoples and cultures are clashing like never before all over the world. Basques seek greater autonomy from Spain; Scotland from Great Britain; Kurds from Iraq; Quebec from Canada; Flanders from Belgium. Armed conflict along ethnic and or religious lines have occurred or are currently happening in Serbia, Sri Lanka, Georgia, Chechnya, Rwanda, Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia.

America is not immune from ethnic nationalism that threatens to escalate from protests, boycotts and racially motivated crime to the usurpation of political power by the executive branch at the expense of Congress, the diminution of individual liberties and the calculated refusal to enforce existing laws for political advantage.

The Department of Justice drops voter intimidation charges against the New Black Panthers after two members were video taped standing in front of a Philadelphia polling place in para-military uniforms brandishing clubs and threatening white voters. One DOJ attorney who was working on the case has resigned in protest, claiming the civil rights voting section of the DOJ has and will continue to refuse to enforce voting rights laws when the accused is a minority and the victim white.

Congressmen John Kyl of Arizona reported to his constituents that President Obama said he would not effectively secure the U.S. border with Mexico until Congress had passed "comprehensive immigration reform", effectively using the tide of illegals as a political bargaining chip. Some wit has now coined the term "undocumented Democrats" to describe illegals. In the 2008 presidential election, 68% of Hispanics voted for Obama. No one knows how many of those votes were cast by illegals.

President Obama supposedly sat in the pews of Rev. Jeremiah Wright's church for twenty years, but he says he never heard Wright make a racist comment. It's not that Wright's black liberation theology isn't blatantly racist against Whites, it's just that Obama didn't think it was racist when he heard it.

If you understand liberation theology, you will understand why Obama is "fundamentally changing" America. In my view, Liberation Theology posits two main doctrines; first, there is no such thing as individual salvation, there is only collective salvation; secondly, the world is divided into two groups of people, the oppressed and the oppressor. In short, the oppressed are the "have nots", and the oppressor is "the privileged class", or the haves. Liberation Theology requires the haves to raise the have nots out of poverty and powerlessness by giving away their wealth to the have nots. Only in this way can the haves find salvation. And in the eyes of black and brown people in the U.S., the oppressor is White people, and the oppressed is everyone else.

Liberation Theology is fundamentally a Marxist doctrine and a perversion of the Christian Faith. The bible is clear; salvation requires a personal, individual belief in Jesus Christ and the Grace of God. While charity is certainly a large part of the Christian faith, salvation is not achieved by good works nor is it a communal effort.

Obama believes in liberation theology. He has publicly stated that his own individual salvation can not occur without the salvation of all Americans... collective salvation. Clearly, Obama's policies, both domestic and foreign, prove this.

Effective ownership of GM and Chrysler was given to a labor union, the United Auto Workers, when the American taxpayer bailed out the failing auto companies. The "have nots" got G.M., the "haves" (stock holders) got nothing but a vague prayer that their GM stock would be worth something some day.

Obamacare became law, laying the groundwork to drive all private health insurers out of business and turn the American health care system into a one-party payer system, which Obama has repeatedly stated was his ultimate goal. The have nots got bad insurance, the haves got bad insurance and the bill.

What's next is the so called "cap and trade" plan. Long story short, this will make the haves pay more for energy, particularly electricity, than the have nots, who will have their electric bills subsidized by the haves.

In foreign affairs, one of Obama's first acts as President was to return a bust of Winston Churchill to England ( a White Imperialist don't you know ) insult so blatant the Brits were dumbfounded.

Then came the 2009 Apology Tour, where Obama travelled the globe apologizing to all non-white nations for America's "arrogance". The media ignored the fact that Obama bowed to Arab, Japanese and Chinese leaders, a repulsive act of submition that insulted America worse than the Brits had been insulted.

Obama has reached out to all Muslim nations while castigating Israel as racist Zionists intent on keeping the innocent Palestinians down and provoking it's Muslim neighbors into developing nuclear weapons.

Obama accepts Mexican President Felipe Calderón's recommendations on how America should secure it's borders...we shouldn't.

We all heard Obama say that "'s time to return America's wealth to it's rightful owners." We all heard Obama say, "We're going to fundamentally change America." We all heard Rev. Wright say, "God Damn America".

Obama hates Western Civ. We, the Whites ( haves ) are his enemies. We're in a blood feud. Deal with it!

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Deuce, America & Western Civ, I

If you're over 40 and went to college back in the day, you were likely required to take a couple of semesters of a course called Western Civiliation. If so, you were lucky. If not, you likely don't know where you come from nor why you are the way you are, the study of Western Civilization having fallen out of favor in the ivory towers of acadamia.

Western Civ equals The White Man's History. Understand that before you go on. The Greeks, the Romans, Charlamagne, the Vikings and Saxons and Normans. Western Civ means the legends and myths of Achylles, Odysseus and Hector; of Romulas and Remus and the birth of Rome; of Roland and Grindal, King Arthur and Camelot; Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest.

If your ancestry is other than White, then you have your own ways, history and legends, and more power to you, but know this...America was founded by and has remained for 234 years a nation of White peoples of European ancestry. Other peoples have immigrated here, or been forcibly relocated here, but European Whites have remained the majority people, and our culture quite naturally reflects that. We were not the first people here, but we were the first to build a nation-state here. We do not need to apologize for this. We do need to apologize, and have, for what it's worth, for the way we treated other peoples different from ourselves, particularly Amerindians and Blacks. We continue to try and make it right with these peoples as best we can.

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking so what? It's all ancient history or kid's stories. 'Don't mean nothin' to me.' But it does...or rather, it should. After all, if you don't know history, you're destined to repeat it, and if you don't know your own history, the history of your people...well, you're just awash in the currents of time, floating here and there, heedless of the people and times and events that made you what you are.

Why do you speak English? Why is Christianity the majority religion in America? Why are we a Representative Republic ( please, not a democracy )? Why are we capitalists? Why do we believe in the rights of the individual, rather than the rights of groups? Why do we believe in primacy of "rugged individualism" rather than the primacy of "the village?" Why do we believe in charity rather than forced redistribution of wealth?

We are these things, and believe in these things, for two reasons. First, where we come from; and second, how we improved upon where we come from. We took what was good and kept it, and created other things that had never been. We got rid of everything else.

If you're having trouble understanding what's happening to America right now, you're not alone, nor are you crazy for thinking that it's all crashing down.
History shows us that all empires eventually fall. America has never been an empire in the classical sense...but in most ways we were an empire for awhile. We tried very hard to be a benevolent empire. An empire that worked and fought to spread our ideals around the world. Ideals like the God given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

What we have failed to realize all these years is that people don't like being pushed, prodded or forced to live by "God given rights" as understood by a foreign power, namely us, no matter how benevolent. Every people wants to make their own way; to live life as they see fit; to honor the history and traditions of their own people. And peoples differ on what ways are best.

This is why our way of life fails to translate to other peoples, and their ways of life to us. The American way of life is apparently ill suited to the Arabs of the Middle East, and to the Asians of the Far East and to the Blacks of Africa. We have our ways, they have theirs. There's no sin in that. We should stop trying to convert all peoples to our own way of life. They resent it, as well they should, and the attempt is bankrupting our treasury and killing our progeny. By the same token, we should resist efforts on their part to convert us to their way of life, and more importantly, we should reject outright any American who sees our way of life as faulty and attempts to forceably inject the ways of other peoples into our culture.

Aspects of other cultures that seem good to us will naturally flow into America and be embraced by us, as we have always done. Those aspects of other cultures that seem to us too alien or injurious to our core beliefs will naturally be resisted.