Friday, July 23, 2010

The Deuce and a Tale of Two Males

Two men; both guilty of crimes, some large and some small. Both made their names in Hollywood. This is about how these men are perceived in Hollywood, how they are perceived in middle America and how they are treated in the media. It's also a reflection of the chasm that exists in America between Left and Right; between what is acceptable and what is not; what is right and what is wrong; what is evil and what is not. It speaks to the relationship between men and women, as it really is and how it is depicted in the media of New York and Hollywood, the salons of the Upper West Side and at kitchen tables in the heartland.

Roman Polanski is a movie director and rapist. Convicted of sexual assault of a minor he fled the U.S. to avoid incarceration and sought sanctuary in Switzerland, a country with no extradition treaty with America. His victim was a 13 year old girl. He has lived in the lap of luxury in Europe for over 30 years and continued his career in film. He has never been punished for his crime. The U.S. recently tried to extradite Polanski...Switzerland ultimately blocked the attempt, and good 'ol Roman is once again free to run rampant, kind of like an evil imp in the Sound of Music.

Mel Gibson is a movie actor and director, a convicted drunk driver, and the most hated man in America right now if you believe the popular media and discount Barack Obama. He's not hated for what he has done, but instead for things he has said. For words. He is accused of being an anti-Semite, racist and misogynist due to his recorded statements during his DUI arrest, and more recently for what he's said to his ex-girlfriend, the mother of his infant daughter.

So, one man is defended for his heinous act, one man is vilified for his words. Why? Well, you know why. In the popular media, sex is just sex ( see Bill Clinton ), but hate speech is an affront to the cultured elite and hence the epitome of evil.

Some Hollywood heavy hitters went so far as to sign a petition calling for the release of Polanski after he was arrested by Swiss officials. Martin Scorcese, Woody Allen and Stephen Soderbergh among them. Their reasoning varied. Some thought Polanski had 'done his time', others thought the court proceedings were politically motivated ( please note Polanski pleaded guilty ) while Whoopi Goldberg gave a half-hearted defense of 'it wasn't 'rape' rape. You're right Whoopi. Polanskis's victim wasn't dragged off the street, beaten to a pulp and raped with a knife at her throat, what Whoopi calls 'rape' rape. Instead, the 13 year old girl was lured to a house by Polanski, plied with drugs and liquor, and then oh so gently sodomized while the victim said no over and over again. Not 'rape' rape, meaning violent, but 'gentle' rape, also known as the Hollywood method.

Polanski's a rapist. Period. Imagine the 13 year old victim was your daughter. Rape? You betcha'. Sentence; UP AGAINST THE WALL YOU SICK TWISTED FREAK! For the more insulated among you, 'up against the wall' means death by firing squad, also known as the Utah method.

Contrast Hollywood's defense of Polanski with the outpouring of hate for Mel Gibson. No petitions in support of Mel. And what's Mel's crime? Drunken enraged rants over the phone, aimed at a woman he once loved and who once loved him ( presumably ) and who bore him a daughter. Now she doesn't love him and wants to take his daughter from him along with millions of dollars of his wealth. Gee! You think that might drive a man to lose his mind and say some vile things? Naw! No man has every done that before.

Surely that's never happened before, just like some euro-trash gold digger never got her hooks into a famous multi-millionaire so she could milk him for a life time of alimony and child support worth tens of millions of dollars ( the kid's the key to the whole scheme, don't you know? ). And surely no woman has said equally vile things to any man who did her wrong, much less cut his dick off or set his bed on fire while he slept.

Nothing enrages a man more than being betrayed, and no one is in a better position to betray a man than his wife/girl friend. The woman he's fathered children with. The woman who knows his deepest secrets, fears and weaknesses...things he would never reveal to another man. And then this woman uses that knowledge against him. To deprive him of his child and his wealth so she can live like a queen on his dime. Naw, that never drove any man crazy.

But, and it's a big one, Mel NEVER raped her, or victimized her with years of physical abuse. She's lucky Mel's not a Muslim or she'd have to be on the lookout for her father and brothers lest they show her the meaning of respect and whip a little honor killing on her, also known as the Muslim method.

Actions that injure and Hollywood gives you a free pass. Words that hurt, both the target and especially the sensibilities of the cultured elite, and you get vilified and shunned.

Not just a Tale of Two Males, but a Tale of one animal and one man.

Not just a Tale of Two Males, but a Tale of Two Americas.

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