Friday, May 28, 2010

The Deuce and the Dalai Lama

He looks like a nice enough guy. Interviews show him to be soft spoken and quick to laugh...almost jolly even. But behind that avuncular facade lurks an intellect of stunning stupidity.

"(Marxism has) moral ethics, whereas capitalism is only how to make profits," the Dalai Lama, 74, said.

This from the man who was exiled from Tibet by the invasion of the Marxist Chinese and has called Chinese rule of Tibet "cultural genocide". Doesn't that just reek of "moral ethics."

How does the Dalai Lama justify his position? Here's how. He wrote;

As for the failure of the Marxist regimes, first of all I do not consider the former USSR, or China, or even Vietnam, to have been true Marxist regimes, for they were far more concerned with their narrow national interests than with the Workers' International;

Isn't it always that way? 'If just the right people would lead we'd have a true Marxist state/world and everyone would live in peace and prosperity.' I bet the Dalai Lama is a BFF of Barack.

But wait, it gets even worse.

I think the major flaw of the Marxist regimes is that they have placed too much emphasis on the need to destroy the ruling class, on class struggle, and this causes them to encourage hatred and to neglect compassion. Although their initial aim might have been to serve the cause of the majority, when they try to implement it all their energy is deflected into destructive activities. Once the revolution is over and the ruling class is destroyed, there is not much left to offer the people; at this point the entire country is impoverished and unfortunately it is almost as if the initial aim were to become poor.

Notice the great man of peace does not object to the destruction of the ruling class ( think Pol Pot's killing fields in Cambodia or the "re-education camps" in the USSR, China and Vietnam ) as long as the "cause of the majority" is served.

So much for the "moral ethics" of Marxism. But what about the second part of the lead in quote, "...whereas capitalism is only about how to make profits."

Out of the man's own mouth;

"(Capitalism) brought a lot of positive to China. Millions of people's living standards improved," he said.

Still more:

As Chinese become richer, "they want more freedoms, they want an independent judiciary, they want to have a free sort of press", he said.

The Dalai Lama confesses profits bring about improved living standards for millions of people, which in turn make people desire increased freedoms, which he seems to support. Yet, capitalism is amoral and Marxism is the answer?

One can hope that since China has started their experiment of a hybrid Marxism, a rapidly growing Pseudo-capitalist economy while continuing a strict communist authoritarian control over all other aspects of the Chinese people, that the Dalai Lama's political and economic philosophy might coalesce into something resembling reality!

(full disclosure, the above photo has been altered from the original)

While I mean no disrespect to Buddhists, the Dalai Lama's beliefs regarding capitalism, Marxism and morality are fabulously incoherent. He should run for the U.S.Congress ( Democrat, of course ). He's already been awarded the Congressional Gold Medal, so he should be a lock to get elected.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

John Kerry - Just Shut Up, Again!

Mr. Quarter noted in the online US News & World Report today that Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts was holding forth with his opinion as to why voters seem so angry at Washington these days. With that cutting insight for which he is well known, his answer was that:"I think there's a comprehension gap." I know, you really can't make this crap up.

In clarifying this insightfull observation, USNews and World Report reporter Paul Bedard put it this way: "[Kerry's]point [is that] while people may not be feeling the benefits of the bailouts and healthcare reform yet, Congress has been working with Obama to right the economic ship." That was charitable, but pretty much a whimp-out.

Senator Kerry then went on to observe of the electorate that, "There's a sense of some things unraveling" Well, no shit. What a surprise.

So, Senator Kerry apparently believes that we little people out here in taxpayer land just simply don't get it. Even though Washington is taking too much of our money away and spending even more, we just don't understand that it is all for our own good! I feel like such a child! It sort of reminds me of when my pop used to tell me that it was for my own good as he finished up a whipping.

Senator Kerry apparently summarized the problem by suggesting that the Democrats need "to better sell what we've done." Yeah sell it in a way that makes it not look like they took all of us for fools. Frankly, I don't think you can sell bullshit except as fertilizer.

When Senator Kerry opens his mouth, I really can only think of a single word: IDIOT!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Deuce and Atlas

I'm waiting. Every day I look for the CEO of some company to stand up to the Regime. I'm waiting for Atlas to Shrug. Alas, Atlas has yet to show himself.

The Financial sector was the first with the opportunity to stand up...they didn't. Goldman-Sachs and AIG were desperate to avoid bankruptcy, and so instead of telling the Regime to take government ownership and mandates and stuff it, they begged for a bailout and got it...along with the Regime's salary and bonus controls, and the upcoming Finance Bill. No Atlas there.

The Auto industry was next. Instead of just filing for reorganization, GM ( forever after to be known as Government Motors ) and Chrysler, like Goldman-Sachs and AIG, swallowd the hipocritacal abuse of congress and took the tax payers money, and quietly accepted the ring in their nose rather than fix themselves. Not only did we bail them out, but we'll be driving motorized skate boards for the rest of eternity! No Atlas there.

The Energy sector is next. Rather than make an honest profit from the product supplied, they'll accept Cap and Trade legislation. Why fight the Regime when they can just pass on the resulting skyrocketing cost of producing electricity and gasoline to the public? No skin off of their nose...until the public discovers candles, which are preferable to compact fluorescent lamps, or CFLs, because CFLs put out less light than incandescent bulbs regardless of the propaganda you've read; require a full-blown EPA hazmat response should one break, due to their mercury content ( got your moon-suit ready? ), and cost about ten times as much as an incandescent bulb. And gas? Hey! If Europe is willing to pay $8 a gallon, why not Americans? Serves us right for despoiling the Earth with all our civilization. No Atlas there. ( I know what you're thinking. You're thinking the ongoing gusher at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico is proof that we should all be living in caves and gnawing on bones while we respectfully expire from starvation, malaria or freezing to death rather than drill for oil. Well hell, that gusher wouldn't be happening if the damn tree-hugging Gaea worshipers would stop fighting us when we want to drill on land! It's called unexpected consequences dip shit. A leak at 5000 feet below sea level is a lot harder to stop and clean up than one at ground level...morons! )

Next will be the Electronic Media. Rather than compete in the free market for customers, TV and radio will accept the Fairness Doctrine, or stringent FCC regulations mandating "equal time" of opposing political views. After all, how long did Air America Radio last? I mean, come on! How long can the Republic last if every single media outlet is not toadying up to the Regime? No Atlas there.

The Food Industry is already caving. Whether they're restaurants or grocers, they simply bow to the Fed's demands for never-ending regulation of the salt, sugar, fat and calorie content of their foods rather than tell the Fed and Michelle Obama to mind their own damn business. How long until surly looking men dressed in fedoras and trench coats hover around us while we stand in line at McDonald's and demand "your calorie counter please." No Atlas there.

The Steel Industry? What steel industry? Most of the steel American companies use is imported from Japan and China, who laugh at supposed environmental and trade regulations. In China, they not only say screw the Spotted Owl, "old growth" forests, swamps ( er, I mean wetlands ) and the Snail Darter, they also say screw the peasants who mine the coal necessary for smelting the iron ore to make steel. After all, what do the Chicoms care if a few thousand coal miners die every year in mines so dangerous that Satan himself wouldn't tread in them. No Atlas there.

How about the Arts? Are you kidding me? Without the National Endowment for the Arts ( taxpayer money ), the only arts in America would be a few Broadway musicals, a handful of the larger city symphonies, community theaters, and the local high school jazz band, all of which support themselves with ticket sales from consumers who are actually willing to pay ( gasp ) to watch their performances. Imagine that! Luckily for the Arts, they Fed is big on financing them but incredibly reluctant to exert any control over their product, hence the Piss Christ, performance art and this silly crap. Please click on the silly crap link. You deserve the laugh. No Atlas there.

Atlas, where are you? If just one of you would stand up and resist the take over, millions would rise up and support you.

Just Shrug. We'll shrug with you.

Are you out there, John Galt?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Deuce and the Transgendered

It's later than you think. It's even worse than we all thought. While we all watch as The Glorious Leader and his evil minions deconstruct America, there are other battles being fought on the regional and local level that most of us never hear of. We don't stop to realize that the big, national battles being fought in Congress are but the culmination of hundreds, maybe thousands, of smaller battles being fought in our own back yards. Obama and his communist czars have reached the point where they can challenge the Founders because we have all been too busy working and raising our kids to pay attention to the offensive being waged against us in our high schools, colleges, and work places.

Have you ever heard of the Gender Mutiny Collective? Until today I hadn't. But just because we haven't heard of them doesn't mean they haven't been injecting their own poison into American society. The poison of "I'm special, don't offend me."

"Transgendered Anarchists"? Are you, pardon me, shitting me? Regular anarchists are bad enough, but there are sub-divisions of anarchists, including transgendered anarchists? What? Do they riot at G-8 summits dressed in drag? Sorry, we're talking the transgendered, not your garden variety cross-dressers. What the hell do they want, and how am I preventing them from getting it? I haven't a clue. A brief perusal of the web and all I could really find was that they want "unisex" restrooms, so they can do their business and plot against us evil capitalists without being eyeballed by those who are luckily unconfused about their gender. Well hell, I'm all for that.

True story: I walk into the men's restroom at my employer's business. Standing in front of a mirror plucking his/her eyebrows is a "transgendered" person; long hair, make-up, dress, nylons, looking very feminine, but it's a guy, or at least I assume it's a guy since I'm in the men's restroom. I can't help it, I pause, ever so slightly, to make sure I'm in the right place, and then I continue to the urinal. The transgendered person eyeballs me, seemingly daring me to say something. I don't say anything. I ignore he/she...the person. I do what I came in to do, wash my hands and leave. The next day the restroom directly across the hall from the head honcho's office has a new "unisex" sign on the door and a deadbolt lock on the inside of the door. I guess the transgendered person was tired of trying to pluck those eyebrows, plot the overthrow of all the industrialized nations of the world and eyeball the rest of us at the same time. Multi-tasking can be a real pun intended.

How do you win? Looking back, I should of been more bold. Once I saw the eyeballing, I should of walked up to the mirror next to him/her and while I checked my general appearance said, "When someone eyeballs me like you're doing, I generally think you either want to screw me or fight me, but under the circumstances I'm confused. What's the protocol here?" Of course I'd of been fired within the hour, but at least I'd of met the challenge.

This is not meant to be a harangue against the transgendered...I mean I don't really care if you're an X trapped in a Y body. I figure that's your business and the sooner you get it cleared up the better for everybody. But forgive me if I don't throw $20 into your "Support the transgendered" bucket, as if you're one of Jerry's Kids. And if someone says you're not entitled to special rights just because you're in the process of fundamentally transforming, I wish you wouldn't organize to get them fired...that will get me to eyeballing you...and I'm telling you now I'm not looking to screw you.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Deuce and Spin

Comments heard around America regarding the event captured in the above photo:

President Obama: "I don't know all the facts, but clearly the police acted stupidly."

MSNBC commentator Chris Mathews: "Yet another example of Teabagger violence. When will we be free of this terrible scourge?"

The Reverend Al Sharpton: "Yet another example of a black man forced to defend himself against white racism. You see that Confederate flag tattooed on the kid, right? Come on! It's right there! Stevie Wonder could see it!"

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs: "Uh...the cop was a black guy? In that case, uh...the President, uh...would like to add, his initial remarks, uh...that he was, uh...unaware the cop, uh...was a black man, and now, uh...that he has been, uh...informed of this, uh...fact, clearly the cop, uh...a fine example of, uh...a black man, know, uh...was forced to take, uh...the appropriate steps to, uh...control the situation. We inherited this racial violence from the previous administration."

The Reverend Jeremiah Wright: "Bust a cap in whitey's ass! It says it in the Bible!"

Former Vice President Al Gore: "Glaciers melt and polar bears drown under a hazy winter sky...anybody got any carbon credits? I'm like 9000 tons over my allotment for this month. Is this mic open?"

Former President Bill Clinton: "I don't comment for less than six figures. Hey honey! I used to be the president. Looking for a good time? Hillary's out of town."

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano: "I told you white men are a bigger threat to national security than Islamic, I mean violent extremists of no particular ethnic or religious background."

Congressman Barney Frank: "This kind of thing wouldn't happen if those evil bastards on Wall Street weren't foreclosing on everyone...and Freddy and Fannie are still financially healthy regardless of what you may have heard. S&M party tonight at my place!"

Vice President Joe Biden: "I'd have to say that cop looks to be clean and well spoken...and I bet he doesn't speak with a negro dialect. I'm on his side. By the way, did I tell you guys I now know why the vice presidency was once described as not worth a warm bucket of spit?"

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi: "I've just introduced a bill in congress to address this very issue. It's 3000 pages long...that means it's good for America's working families, deficit neutral and fully transparent. Where's my botox?

Host of The View and comedienne Whoopi Goldberg: "That kid got over the fence! You see what I mean? No matter how high you build the fence these young bucks are going to find a way over it. Amnesty is the only viable answer...whatda ya mean he's not hispanic? Italian? Oy! These ethnic types all look alike!"

World renowned blogger The Deuce: "I haven't seen an 'electric slide' like that since my clubbing days. Beautiful!