Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Deuce and America's 12 Step Program

It occurred to me while watching The Glorious Leader's Apology Tour Live!, that he was in a sense making amends to all those nations and peoples who he thought America had harmed since 1776. Making amends to those harmed? That sounds like part of AA's 12 Step program.

So, with sincere apologies to AA and all those who have used their 12 Step program to find sobriety, and to those currently seeking it...I give you TGL's 12 Step Program for America.

1. We admitted we were powerless over capitalism—that our economy had become unfair to the addicted, lazy, criminal and eternally entitled.

2. Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could give us social justice and permanent Democratic control of the federal government.

3. Made a decision to turn our will and our economy over to the care of God as the Reverend Wright understood Him.

4. Made a searching and transparent moral inventory of our economic system and posted the disgusting results on MySpace, You Tube and Twitter.

5. Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to all humanity the exact nature of our countless wrongs committed during Republican administrations.

6. Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of capitalism, i.e. private property, free markets, the profit motive, and low taxes.

7. Humbly asked Him to redistribute our wealth to those least deserving and thus elevate our sense of moral superiority and self esteem.

8. Made a list of all nations and peoples we had harmed that were still Third World nations, and became willing to make amends to them unto eternity.

9. Made direct amends in the form of cash payments to such people wherever possible, except for anyone making over $75 Large per anum.

10. Continued to take national inventory and when we were wrong promptly groveled and begged forgiveness.

11. Sought through prayer and meditation ( except when in school or on other public property ) to improve our conscious contact with God, as Reverend Wright understood Him, praying only for His knowledge of socialism and the power to carry it out.

12. Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these Steps, we tried to carry this message to humanity, and to practice these principles in all our economic affairs ( with appropriate exemptions to members of Congress, actors, musicians and environmentalists ).

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Deuce On Power

I don't think most conservatives understand Power. Oh, conservatives grasp the need for Power when it comes to foreign affairs, hence our almost universal support for a strong military and robust diplomacy, but when it comes to domestic Power conservatives are clueless. We don't know how to get it, what to do with it when we somehow stumble upon it, or how to keep it once we have it. When it comes to domestic Power we're gross amateurs as compared to our leftist enemies.

Yes, I said enemies. The current gang of leftists wielding power in the White House and Congress, along with their fellow travellers in the mainstream media and our universities, are not just misguided neighbors or Utopian dreamers or the loyal opposition. They're in fact more dangerous to the continued existence of America than Al-Quida, North Korea or Iran. While terrorist organizations or foreign nations may some day attack us again, maybe with a nuclear weapon or other WMD, they can not kill America. Wound, yes. Infuriate, yes. Damage, yes. But they can not kill America anymore than Angles and Saxons could kill Rome. But Rome did die, killed from within by corrupt ( and often insane ) politicians, a reliance on foreign laborers with little loyalty to Rome and an over-reaching need for empire that could not be economically or militarily sustained. The similarities between the fall of Rome and the coming fall of America are astounding. If you're not able to call leftists our enemies and treat them as such, then you can't begin to understand Power.

The recent Tea Parties are a prime example. The gatherings were peaceful, orderly and widely dispersed... and that is exactly why the Tea Parties accomplished very little. In a White House press briefing, the press secretary said the President was unaware of the protests. What little coverage the parties garnered in the MSM was worse than was utterly dismissive, treated as a laughable gathering of racist fools and of no real significance. The coverage by Fox News and conservative talk radio, while largely positive, was not enough to even get serious attention from the likes of Obama, Pelosi and Reid, nor apparently to sway the beliefs of anybody not already one of us. When hundreds of thousands of conservatives protest but only the protesters pay any attention, you have to ask yourself why? Why is it that the smallest protest conducted by the leftists gets massive amounts of media coverage and politicians falling all over themselves promising hearings and investigations and indictments, but conservatives get the Rodney Dangerfield treatment? No respect. So why don't we get any respect from the powers that be? Because they don't fear us.

Machiavelli said, "It's better to be feared than loved." We, the people, should not be afraid of our government...our government should be afraid of us. The government works for our benefit, we don't work for its benefit. We call the tune and Washington dances. We're the boss. We've all heard it a million times.

Well, that's the way it's supposed to be. The reality is that "we the people" don't really exist and never have. Americans are now 300 million individuals who gather together in like-minded groups to fight for Power. The Power to call the shots, to decided how things are going to be in America. Government doesn't dance to "the people's" dances to the tune of those relatively few people who are well organized, well financed and bold enough to exercise Power...and thus feared by the elected and appointed elite.

So what exactly am I saying? What I'm saying is that we need to collectively grow a pair. We need to understand that to get and maintain political and cultural control of this country will take a lot more than going to PTA meetings or a candle light vigils or writing letters to congressmen or even voting. The stakes are higher than ever before. America is being deconstructed...and what is coming will not resemble anything like the country we were born into. We are now living in the time of the Leviathan...and Leviathan is kicking our ass.

This report from Fox News;

"One million tea bags delivered to Lafayette Park were reloaded and sent away because tea party organizers did not have the proper permit, protest organizer Rebecca Wales told FOX News. ( emphasis mine ).

And a D.C. rally scheduled to take place outside the Treasury Department was cancelled when the U.S. Secret Service prevented protesters from gathering outside for lacking a permit." ( emphasis mine ).

Faced with smiling authority figures who oh so politely informed the protesters that they lacked the appropriate papers, our gallant protest organizers at these two events shrugged their collective shoulders and slinked away, chastised by The Man.

Not one of the protest leaders could muster the courage to ignore the warnings and conduct the protest as planned, and accept a misdemeanor arrest for their civil disobedience. Not one. Not even close. And as for the commentators from Fox News and talk radio that championed the Tea Parties, that kept reminding us all of how the founding fathers pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor for freedom from an unresponsive and arrogant King, did any of them put their money where their mouths were and take an arrest for the cause? Did any of them risk anything at all and defy authority? Of course not. They might lose their cushy jobs. After all, protests are all well and good, but money is money.

There was one brave soul who actually took a risk for liberty. An unnamed woman in Northville Township, Michigan, blocked traffic while holding a sign over her head that said, "We want our country back!" She was arrested. God bless her freedom loving soul.

We've all seen how the leftists protest. They're not afraid to express their anger and to demand action, and their not afraid to get arrested for a little civil disobedience. They might not always get the action they want, at least not right away, but they damn sure get Washington's attention. And they have brought about a boat load of change. Not the change we want, but the change they want.
There comes a time when talk is not enough. The leftists figured that out in the '60s. We still haven't figured it out.

Clearly we're not mad enough yet. We are poorly organized, our financial power is spread too thin, and we lack the boldness necessary to first get and then exercise Power. Clearly our enemies know that. And THAT is why we're not taken seriously. THAT is why we are not feared.

Not yet.

Friday, April 10, 2009


By Mr. Quarter

The video making the rounds of Obama bowing before the King of Saudi Arabia is shocking to say the least. That an American president would ever bow to a foreign potentate, let alone the king of a country who's citizens hate Americans enough to kill almost 3000 of us in a single event, is beyond the pale.

Obama's spokesperson at the White House, in what has now become a familiar manner, outright lied and tried to explain the President's supplication as merely bending to reach and shake the king's hand. Right. I saw the video and no one who does will ever believe that was the case. The president, with hands at his sides, bent at the waist in a low bow before the King of Saudi Arabia. I don't think I have ever been more ashamed.

But this president made this kind of ass licking supplication his trademark on his recent overseas trip. He made apologies to all of Europe and all Muslims on behalf of Americans for our arrogance, lack of deference, and unilateralism. Well I'd just like to say this on behalf of the Americans that are still proud of their country: Mr Obama, don't ever apologize on my behalf because I am not sorry. Let me also say to Mr. Obama that bowing before a foreign potentate constitutes a high crime and misdemeanor while the president is in office, and should be considered an impeachable offense.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Prescient Mr. Quarter

By Mr. Quarter

Amazing! He does it again! Is Mr. Quarter endowed with the gift of knowing the future? On March 23, prior to The Deuce's pondering, I lamented in this space about the need to change the paradigm for ground transport vehicles. Yesterday, in the Wall Street Journal, GM announced a partnership with Segway to produce a new kind of ground transport vehicle. A sort of hybrid between the Segway scooter and a car. Capable of traveling up to 35 miles, with a top speed of 35 mph, this vehicle will not be a rectangular platform with a wheel at each corner. It will be a rectangular platform with a wheel at each end! Inchworm-like, we make progress forward.

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Deuce Ponders II

Things are tough all over. But now we know exactly how tough. The Glorious Leader ( TGL ) has apparently instructed the State Department to shop for gifts for foreign dignitaries at Wal-Mart. First, the British P.M. on his visit to The White House gets a DVD set of American movie classics. Then, on his visit to London for the G-20 swap meet, TGL gives Queen Elizabeth an iPod. TGL campaigned with the mantra, "yes we can." Judging by these cheap and tacky gifts more appropriate for an episode of My Big Redneck Wedding, the new mantra is "well, er, no we can't." Look for TGL to invite Larry the Cable Guy to the next Kennedy Honors event. Now thet right thar is funny...I don't care who ya are!

I'm sure TGL's main squeeze is a wonderful person ( even though she's only been proud of America for a few months now ), and I wouldn't normally comment on Michelle's fashion sense, but I can't help but notice ( thanks to the MSM ) that she goes sleeveless more often than your run of the mill Hell's Angel. What are the odds she's got a tramp stamp? The Vegas line says it's even money. And shouldn't it be TGL showing off his guns? Who's the shot-caller in this crew anyway?

Why are the Obama's looking to adopt a rescue dog when they've already got two lap dogs; Chris Mathews and Steve Olberman? Oh yeah, one of the daughters is allergic to mutts. Not to mention having a dog that gets a thrill down his leg every time TGL is present could get kind of embarrassing.

Here's a joke for you. GM and Chrysler ( among other auto makers ) are now advertising that if you buy a car from them, then lose your job, they'll make your car payments for you for a few months. So, what's the punchline you may ask? They'll be making the payments with money gleaned from the billions of taxpayer dollars given them by TGL. There's no such thing as a free lunch people. In a hilarious related story, the Feds will honor any manufacturer's warranty from said auto makers...again with tax payer's money. Gee, I recently had a three month old Mr. Coffee crap out on me. Where's my bailout? $70 here and there and pretty soon were talking serious cash. Turns out the Mr. Coffee was made in China. I guess I should be thankful it didn't poison far as I know.

Speaking of poisoning, it recently came to light that the managers of the peanut butter processing plant in Georgia knew there was salmonella in their product, yet continued to ship their tainted peanut butter. Several people died and hundreds were sickened...and I didn't have a PB&J for a month. Look, I know that as a nation we're dependent on foreign oil, but couldn't we temporarily be just a little more dependent, just enough to make enough tar so that we could tar and feather these miscreants? Are we dependent on foreign sources of feathers too? Do we make any damn thing in this country anymore besides glutinous bankers and corrupt politicians?

Earlier today yet another freak, this time in Binghamton NY, decided to punch the ticket on his miserable life but didn't want to go alone, so he slaughtered 13 innocent human beings before ventilating his own melon. During the TV coverage on Fox News, I watched a retired NYPD cop discussing how such sickening mass murders could be avoided. Among other things he said, "It's too bad that there wasn't armed security there, or an off duty policeman." Meaning, too bad there wasn't a good guy there armed with a gun who might have been able to stop the shooting and limit the loss of life. What he pointedly didn't say was too bad there wasn't armed security there or an off duty policeman, or an armed citizen. Why wasn't there an armed citizen there? There are a lot of answers to's the one that I think is the most germane. The state of New York is very restrictive on issuing permits to carry concealed weapons. The NRA and other 2nd Amendment rights organizations describe New York as " right restricted-very limited issue." This generally means that a person may apply for a concealed carry permit, but if they can not show a very specific reason why they need to carry a weapon, such as being employed in a job that requires carrying large sums of cash or their job requires them to carry a weapon ( such as private security) or they are a public figure and have had their safety threatened by stalkers or the like, the application for concealed carry will be denied. Most people do not meet those requirements. This is what people like me call victim disarmament.

My response to this despicable act of mass murder? I said a prayer for the dead and wounded and their loved ones; I thanked God for the first responders who may have saved lives; I cursed the shooter and the idiot sheep in New York who continue to work to keep average people from lawfully carrying weapons with which to defend themselves and innocent bystanders; and I went to my local Sheriff's office and renewed my carry permit.

While I do not live in a "shall issue" state ( meaning the local county Sheriff or other responsible law enforcement officer MUST issue a carry permit if the applicant has no history of violence or mental illness and successfully completes any required training), I do live in a "may issue" state, which means the county Sheriff MAY deny the application FOR ANY REASON. I'm lucky that my local Sheriff is a reasonable man and to my knowledge will not deny an applicant unless there is good reason to do so.

I live in a small town. The violent crime rate here is very low. The odds of my actually needing a gun to defend myself or others in my community is almost non-existent. I rarely carry my gun in town. However, I live just 20 minutes from a much larger city where I often go to shop or eat out or see a movie. This city has a much greater violent crime rate. I carry my gun when I go there.

In the 13 years I've had a carry permit I've never had to pull my gun. Never even thought about it. Whenever I put on that gun I pray I don't need it...and thank God I've got it. Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.
I can't help but wonder how many people in Binghamton, NY, or Columbine CO or Blacksburg VA are wishing they had the right to carry a concealed weapon at their job or at their school. After all, where are you truly safe? Events in recent years and common sense should tell us that we never really know when we're safe and when we're not. No matter the time or the place, evil can come crashing down on us and if we're not prepared for it, we're toast.

Question: Why do you carry a gun? Answer: Because cops are too heavy.
Question: Why don't you rely on the police to protect you? Answer: Because when you need the police they're only minutes away, but in a life and death situation you only have seconds.
Question: Why don't you support more stringent gun control? Answer: Because when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.
Question: Why don't you have a concealed carry permit? Answer: Guns are soooo icky!

Guns are tools. They are neither good nor evil. It is people, not guns, that are good or evil. Bottom line; the safety of you and your loved ones is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, not someone elses. Stop being a sheep, and start being a sheep dog.