Friday, April 10, 2009


By Mr. Quarter

The video making the rounds of Obama bowing before the King of Saudi Arabia is shocking to say the least. That an American president would ever bow to a foreign potentate, let alone the king of a country who's citizens hate Americans enough to kill almost 3000 of us in a single event, is beyond the pale.

Obama's spokesperson at the White House, in what has now become a familiar manner, outright lied and tried to explain the President's supplication as merely bending to reach and shake the king's hand. Right. I saw the video and no one who does will ever believe that was the case. The president, with hands at his sides, bent at the waist in a low bow before the King of Saudi Arabia. I don't think I have ever been more ashamed.

But this president made this kind of ass licking supplication his trademark on his recent overseas trip. He made apologies to all of Europe and all Muslims on behalf of Americans for our arrogance, lack of deference, and unilateralism. Well I'd just like to say this on behalf of the Americans that are still proud of their country: Mr Obama, don't ever apologize on my behalf because I am not sorry. Let me also say to Mr. Obama that bowing before a foreign potentate constitutes a high crime and misdemeanor while the president is in office, and should be considered an impeachable offense.

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The Deuce said...

I heartily concur. Bowing originated as an act of subordination. Bowing exposes one's neck to the sword of the person to whom the bow is offered. It is a very obvious and public way of acknowledging one's inferiority and imparts honor, prestige and power to the person being bowed to.
In short, bowing to anyone is anethema to Americans, who obviously don't even bow to our own leaders.
The Glorious Leader's very deep bow to the Saudi king was humiliating, particularly when one remembers it was America that defended Saudi Arabia and prevented any possible invasion by Iraq when Iraq invaded Kuwait in the first Gulf War.