Friday, April 20, 2012

The Deuce and Surprise

Trayvon Martin is dead because he attacked the wrong man.

Not because he was black, at least not directly; not because he was profiled; not because guns kill people; not because George Zimmerman was looking to kill someone that night; not because of Florida's 'Stand Your Ground' law. He's dead because he attacked and assaulted a man who was armed and prepared to defend himself.

The question is why did Martin attack? Despite the tortured and misleading language so much of the MSM has used describing Zimmerman as 'persuing' Martin, when in fact Zimmerman was simply following and observing Martin waiting for the police to arrive as neighborhood watch members routinely do, and that Zimmerman did not confront Martin as has been reported but that in fact it was Martin who approached Zimmerman while Zimmerman was still seated in his vehicle; it was Martin who initiated the confrontation that resulted in his own death...and has a man guilty of nothing more than defending himself facing second degree murder charges and a possible life sentence if convicted.

No one knows for sure the decision making process Trayvon went through that night that led him to his death, but there are clues, both personal to him and to urban Black teenagers in general.

First, Trayvon was no stranger to trouble. He had multiple school suspensions from his North Miami high school for offenses including evidence of drug possession (pot), possession of burglary tools and 'tagging' school property. In fact, the only reason Trayvon was in Sanford the night he died is because he had been suspended from school for ten days for "being in an unauthorized area." Why he was suspended for such a long period for what seems a relatively minor infraction has gone unexplained.

Secondly, Trayvon's MySpace and Twitter accounts offer more insight into his personality. Photos Trayvon posted of himself in his MySpace account show a black teenager with a gold 'grill' and tats...all at age 17. His Twitter name was @NO_LIMIT_NIGGA. Written communications and photos shared between him and his online friends show gang signs and references to buying 'plant', leading to the conclusion that Trayvon may have been known to sell pot.

Trayvon was not a convicted felon nor has any arrest record been made public, though if he had been arrested juvenile records usually remain sealed and would not be public knowledge unless leaked.

In short, Trayvon was not a gangster...but it appears he was a wanna-be gangster, caught up in the oh so common urban Black mythology of gangs, dope, street cred and disrespect of authority. It's this mentality that leads a 17 year old kid to believe he can confront a grown man and assault him.

And why not? Surely Trayvon was aware of the flash mobs of Black teenagers that had targeted Whites and brazenly attacked and often robbed them in cities across the country last summer. Surely Trayvon was aware of the flash mobs of Black teenagers descending on retail outlets and looting the stores in broad daylight. Surely Trayvon was aware of the 'knockout game', where Blacks, usually teenagers, walk up to an innocent and unsuspecting person, usually White, and attempt to knock them out with one they can post the video on YouTube and brag to their friends how they 'tought that cracka a lesson.'

Surely a NO LIMIT NIGGA could handle one lone man who was not Black, was smaller than him and who lived in a nice gated community where people don't live by the laws of the 'hood.'