Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Deuce and the Wall Street Boogie

   As I was saying, I've been studying the business world for a couple of years now. My intent was to educate myself before opening an online brokerage account and making my first million by investing in, well, whatever the pros said was bound to make me a million. Turns out there are a million experts with at least a thousand different methods for making money in the market, and hardly any of them say "buy really good stocks and hold them forever", which is what I was expecting most of them to say.
   So, what have I learned?

1. The only people who make money in the market year-in and year-out are the brokers who get a small cut of every trade made on the exchanges. Doesn't matter if the market is up or down or bullish or bearish, brokers make money all day every day. Some days more than others, but it's all good.

2. Less than half of all professional money managers beat the returns of the S&P 500 each year. Simply buy an ETF or mutual fund that mirrors the S&P and you'll beat most pros most years.

3. There are legal ways to scam the market if you're big enough and rich enough. Big players in the markets, like sovereign banks, hedge funds, pension funds and large private banks have so much money that they can move the markets just by buying and selling huge blocks of stocks, virtually assuring a profit.
   Elected government officials like your senators and congress critters have "inside knowledge" of legislation and regulatory actions that can predictably effect the markets. They take advantage of this legally. So now you know why every person who enters congress eventually leaves much richer than they were when they were first elected (besides just outright selling their influence).
   High speed traders place their computer servers just blocks from the various exchanges and then connect to the exchanges servers with super-dooper high speed fiber optic cables. This allows them to see and react to market pricing a couple of millionths of a second faster than their competitors and minutes ahead of the general public (most of whom don't even have real-time quotes). The legality of this has been debated and the result seems to be "the devil take the hind most".

4. Most professional money managers do not have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients. So, unlike a doctor or attorney who is oath-bound to do their very best on your behalf, your money manager is not legally obligated to give you the best possible. financial advice. Many managers are paid on commission and they push the financial products that will pay them the most commission. Seriously. Legally.

5. Business journalism is mostly just cheer leading, especially on TV. The most prevalent phrase uttered on CNBC is "how do you play this market Fred",  (or Bob, or Harry). If the markets are up it's a good day for America because the economy is "roaring along" and it's a good time to be in the market.. If the markets are down it's "is this the bottom Fred and are you buying the dip, getting yourself some bargains?" TV talking heads talk about the newest, hottest, most innovative "disrupter" businesses and their stocks. Apple, Tesla, Facebook, Twitter , Uber and Airbnb being the current favorites for discussion. It's like whatever celebrity is trending on social media. Replace Apple with the Kardashians, Tesla with George Clooney, Facebook with Jennifer Aniston and Twitter with Taylor Swift. It's a circus.
   There's lots more, but you get the picture.

   So what's the bottom line? How's my portfolio doing, you ask? I have no portfolio...but I do have guns, ammo, water, food, cash and precious metals for bartering.
   Maybe I'll buy the dip after the next big market crash when the bond market collapses and leads the enitre world economy into a super depression and stock prices are down by at least 75% and everybody who was in the market is broke.
   Then I'll be the playa'! Then I can do the Wall Street Boogie!   

Friday, June 26, 2015

Erasing the History of Slavery in the US

So, Mr. Quarter has not felt compelled to post for some time, but today I am moved by the effort to erase all of the historical reminders of the Civil War, War between the States, War of Northern Aggression, etc.  The rationale put forth by the Left, who are driving this movement, is that these symbols are racist, triggers and offensive.  They are saying that it is high time that the symbols of white oppression are put out of our society, equating these symbols with slavery of African-Americans and suggesting they are symbolic of present day oppression of these same people.   Frankly, after considering it, I think it is an excellent idea!  Lets do just that.  Lets remove from sight and mind anything that reminds us of the time, over 150 years ago, when black men, women and children were held in bondage in this country.

That's right, remove it all.  Destroy it and erase it from our historical recollection.  We don't need to remember that time.  It is only a reminder of the way the blacks have been supposedly and still remain oppressed and denied their rightful equality in this American nation.

Of course, there may be a down side.  The Jews of the world recognized this when they said NEVER AGAIN!  They realized that forgetting or letting the world forget what happened to them as a people, genocide and antisemitism, could create circumstances for the same things rear their ugly heads again.  And, more particularly, they wanted to remember as a motivation to never allow themselves to be persecuted in any manner without defending themselves to the maximum extent possible.  The State of Israel was one result.   They were wise in that they never wanted to forget nor let anyone in the future forget exactly what happened and why.  In fact, Jews annually celebrate their own ancestors having thrown off the yoke of slavery with the celebration of one high holy day, Passover.  They do not want to erase these cultural memories.

But Mr. Quarter can envision an outcome unforeseen by the Left for erasing the history of the Civil War and all of its reminders of slavery, but one that will be good for America.  Perhaps in a generation or so, no African-Americans will be reminded that their ancestors were once slaves.  None will use that memory as a reason to claim racial oppression,  a racial explanation for the deterioration of the intact family unit within that community, a racial explanation for the prevalence of young black men being incarcerated for criminal behavior, a racial explanation for the 75% illegitimacy rate within that community, and a racial cause for the failure of the educational system to adequately serve that community.  No longer will ancestral slavery be a basis to suggest that over 150 years after the fact, all of America owes African-Americans reparations for slavery.   Let all of those divisive and poisonous thoughts and feelings be erased as thoroughly as those offending reminders of the Civil War and ancestral slavery that the Left cannot allow to continue.  Perhaps then individual and personal responsibility (or lack thereof) will take its place in the collective mind of the black community as the reason for many of its problems.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Deuce...RISES!

   So I'm talking to the Buddha and I say, "Yo G! Like, what's the meaning of life, know wha I'm sayin'?"
   Buddha stares into my soul with those limpid pools of wisdom us mortals call eyes and he answers, "Live, my son. Just live."
   "Really?", I say. "That's all? Just...live?"
   He assumed the yoga pose 'dachshound sniffing self' and replied. "WORD!"

   I've been on a two year long sabbatical since my last post. After "my" America re-elected Barrack I knew my world view needed an intensive reexamination since I clearly was clueless as to how the world really worked. I'd like to report that I've got it all figured out now, but that would be juuuuuust a  bit of an exaggeration. I, maybe, have like 27% of it figured. Still, I like to think I'm somewhat further down the path to enlightenment than I was.

   For my own sanity I reduced my consumption of news and politics by a significant amount...and I discovered that that is not an easy thing to do. Both because of my own addiction to it (I've been a news/politics junkie since I was a kid) and because politics is ubiquitous in American society.

   To get away from politics I stopped watching FoxNews, CNN and other 24 hour news outlets. I replaced them with ESPN and CNBC. Guess what? They've got a lot of politics too.
   The talking heads on ESPN love it when there's blood in the water. Like their brethren in the news business they're first into the breach when there's enemies of progressive multi-culturalsim to be destroyed and new champions of progressivism to be deified. From the self-immolation of L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling over racist comments to the attempted destruction of Heisman trophy winner Johnny 'Football' Manzeil for taking some money for signing autographs, rubbing his thumb over his finger tips in the "cash money" gesture and generally acting like one of a thousand black athletes instead of the east Texas peckerwood he is. ESPN is all over the Washington Redskins name controversy (more racism) and the NFL drafting it's first openly gay player, Michael Sam from the U. of Missouri.
   CNBC is about business news, but business and politics are closer than the Kardasian girls are to their plastic surgeons. The two richest counties in the U.S. are suburbs of D.C. in northern Virginia. Not the upper east side of Manhattan. Not Silicon Valley. Not the gold coast of Long Island nor even the Hamptons. Northern Virginia. Why there? 'Cause that's where the money is sucker! All those other areas of the country can talk millions, even billions, but only Washington can talk trillions of dollars. And there are a hell of a lot of people living in northern Virginia who make their money working for Wall Street and Silicon Valley and big pharma and big oil, and they make it by talking senators and representatives and the White House into giving big chunks of those trillions to their clients. Tax breaks, research grants, zero-interest loans, government contacts, bail outs...all up for grabs.
   If you think love makes the world go around you're delusional. Money makes the world go around. And if you think you're a thinking, sensing feeling human being making rational decisions that best make your life orderly, prosperous and fulfilling...well you've been terribly misinformed. You, my good friend, are a full-time consumer and a part-time voter. You will buy what you're told to buy and vote for whom you're told to vote for. Choice is but an illusion.
   Uplifting stuff, huh? I remember taking the red pill of reality like Neo, but it seems even that was just another trick of the Matrix and I, maybe all of us, are still asleep while powers more ominous than we dare to imagine continue to feed us the soylent green while they suck the wealth and freedom out of us.
   However, not all is lost. I got married after 21 years of bachelorhood. Love may not make the world go around but it sure makes home life better. My wife is a constant reminder that there is still good in the world...and that nobody likes a crotchety old man for very long. Also, countless hours watching CNBC and reading a dozen financial/business blogs has been most enlightening as regards wealth and those who seek it.
       The stock market may be the biggest racket I've ever encountered...

Thursday, July 25, 2013

How Dare He Lecture America on Racism

This most profound quote from a recent article authored by Conrad Black:

"All accessible indications are that the president [Barack Obama} was an unexceptional student who benefited from affirmative action to win scholarships out of high school and to Occidental College and Columbia University, and that that was also the explanation of his position at the Harvard Law Review, where he contributed no articles. It does not lie in the mouth of someone who has been the evocator and the beneficiary of majority decency and generosity in America to lecture those who have elevated him to the nation’s greatest office on their racial turpitude."

Monday, December 17, 2012

Mr. Quarter Isn't Buying It!

Nope, not a word of it.  Early last week Susan Rice withdraws her name from consideration for Secretary of State, citing the Benghazi matter as simply attracting too much negative attention to her and creating distractions.   Hillary Clinton was scheduled to begin testimony today (Monday December 17) before a committee of the US Senate on what she knew about the Benghazi matter. Wouldn't you know it, about the same time that Susan Rice made her announcement, Hillary got a stomach ache (food poisoning - right!)  Then  a couple days later, Hillary fainted, fell down and went boom - got a concussion, although (surprise) it was only a "mild" one.  But (surprise again), she didn't go to a hospital and  doctors orders were to cancel all work for the next week.  Meanwhile, John Kerry being the gentlemen that he is, leaped to her aid and declared that she couldn't possibly be expected to testify in her condition. How gallant!.  Shortly afterward, word went forth from the White House aids that John Kerry will be nominated as Secretary of State.

Well, you can't piss down Mr. Quarter's back and tell him its raining.  Hillary, aided by Barry O's peeps and JFK, has rolled out the famous Clinton "Big Lie" that we have all seen in the past.  Remember the Rosewater law firm billing records that mysteriously appeared in the White House Living Quarters - Hillary had no recollection.  Remember  Travelgate - she had no recollections.  Remember Big Bill and "I didn't have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinski." So now the big  lie is used to keep her from going under oath and testifying on what really happend, how she made the call to keep Barry O from getting sunk in the election.  This lie is to preserve her chance at the presidency in 2016.  And the quid pro quo for JFK is Sec. of State, where he can bloviate and pontificate to his hearts content.

Who was it, Goebbels or Stalin that said the public will believe the Big Lie much quicker and easier that little lies?

Who wants to bet that Hillary never testifies before any committee of the House or Senate on Benghazi? Mr. Quarter wouldn't take that bet for anything.

Mr. Quarter Offers Congratulations

At times, something good does come along and Mr. Quarter feels that perhaps God does care on a small scale.  To my surprise, The Duce recently announced his betrothal ....to Mr. Quarter's sister!  The Duce has been one of my best friends for about 40 years, and I always felt him a brother.  But now I can actually call him "Bro" and know there is some truth to it.  My sister was married for over 20 years to a trailer trash creep who treated her like a piggy bank.  The Duce was married, long ago, to a witch that left him penniless after cleaning out the house and bank account in secret.  When most people are building careers and lives, Duce's full time gig was caring for his aged and ill parents. So after sacrifice  hardship, and misery they both found each other (again - another story) and created a new relationship and now a life together. I couldn't be more pleased!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mr. Quarter Says "Riddle Me This?"

Well, riddle me this?  Four Americans get murdered in Benghazi and the media (with the exception of Fox News) barely says squat.  The FBI and Department of Justice have no interest at all in continuing drip, drip, drip of changing explanations and narrative of what actually happened.  Before that, ATF nitwits let several hundred (or is it thousand?) guns walk across the border and a US Border Patrol agent gets gunned down with one.  Where is the media outrage and the massive investigation by the authorities?  How about the New Black Panthers intimidating voters at a Philadelphia polling place - standing out front with clubs!  Did the media get fired up?  Did the Department of Justice prosecute?  Nope on all counts.

No, but just let General  David Petraeus have sex with a cute tart who obviously idolizes him.  Just let General John Allen exchange "inappropriate emails. " not explicit, not part of an extramarital affair, nothing more than calling her "sweetheart" and judged as unprofessional by some FBI geek.  Well, that got the media's attention, the attention of Congress, the FBI, the Department of Defense, and who knows who all else.  Now we have a real problem that needs official attention and punishment needs to be meted out. Is there any better example of how F....ed up we are?

By the way, both Petraeus and Allen are full generals (4 stars).  Now on to General Ward; just some kind of coincidence I suppose.  Also a full general, and head of the African area command. He is being demoted to three stars for "improper" expenditures while traveling.  Total tab is $81k - peanuts, especially if he submitted the receipts.  General Ward is vigorously opposing and objecting to the charges.  Doesn't it seem highly coincidental that three full generals are suddenly being taken down?

Mr. Quarter is speculating now, but he thinks this is all part of a massive cover-up by the Obamites in the White House and probably the President himself.  It has all the appearances of the "Chicago" anal rape (i.e., the payback if you mess with us).  Same identical pattern as Obama has used in the past to stick it to people that opposed him.  Remember that he won state representative office and US  senate office by 11th hour exposure of unseemly conduct by his opponents - nasty divorce proceedings, affairs, etc.  It appears that the White House is trying to intimidate and hush up the generals that could be instrumental in providing the inside story of what actually went down in Benghazi.  And there may be even more to it than that.

Petraeus knows what went down.  He was approached and told to lie or otherwise not testify before Congress. He was threatened.  The White House held a knife to his throat in the form of disclosure of his affair in exchange or favorable testimony before congress on Benghazi.  Did he decide that resignation was the best way to do what was best for the country -followed by  testimony voluntarily as a private citizen?  What is the connection to General Allen? Apparently General Allen knows something as well.

By the way, did you hear that Ambassador Susan Rice is being publicly considered for Secretary of State after Clinton leaves?  She who went on five Sunday morning political talk shows peddling the pure BS of how the Benghazi attach was spontaneous expression of displeasure with a YouTube video derogatory to Mohammad.  Think that might be a payoff for being a part of the cover-up?

The Ulsterman, in his blog, has featured dialog with a person identified as "Military Insider."  Military Insider has hinted at great dissatisfaction among senior leadership in the military and outright resentment of Obama.  Perhaps these three generals also share in common that they are among this ground and have great influence and respect among the military.  Perhaps the White House is conducting what is essentially a communist style purge of the military leadership - in the same style as Kim Jung Un.

Mr. Quarter believes that all of these events are not just coincidence (especially immediately after the election). There is much more here than it appears.  We are witnessing one of the biggest, most obvious and most public political cover-ups in the history of this Republic.   Remember, believe what your eyes see and what your gut tells you, not what the Obama White House and the main stream media tell you.  Your freedom depends on it.