Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mr. Quarter Says "Riddle Me This?"

Well, riddle me this?  Four Americans get murdered in Benghazi and the media (with the exception of Fox News) barely says squat.  The FBI and Department of Justice have no interest at all in continuing drip, drip, drip of changing explanations and narrative of what actually happened.  Before that, ATF nitwits let several hundred (or is it thousand?) guns walk across the border and a US Border Patrol agent gets gunned down with one.  Where is the media outrage and the massive investigation by the authorities?  How about the New Black Panthers intimidating voters at a Philadelphia polling place - standing out front with clubs!  Did the media get fired up?  Did the Department of Justice prosecute?  Nope on all counts.

No, but just let General  David Petraeus have sex with a cute tart who obviously idolizes him.  Just let General John Allen exchange "inappropriate emails. " not explicit, not part of an extramarital affair, nothing more than calling her "sweetheart" and judged as unprofessional by some FBI geek.  Well, that got the media's attention, the attention of Congress, the FBI, the Department of Defense, and who knows who all else.  Now we have a real problem that needs official attention and punishment needs to be meted out. Is there any better example of how F....ed up we are?

By the way, both Petraeus and Allen are full generals (4 stars).  Now on to General Ward; just some kind of coincidence I suppose.  Also a full general, and head of the African area command. He is being demoted to three stars for "improper" expenditures while traveling.  Total tab is $81k - peanuts, especially if he submitted the receipts.  General Ward is vigorously opposing and objecting to the charges.  Doesn't it seem highly coincidental that three full generals are suddenly being taken down?

Mr. Quarter is speculating now, but he thinks this is all part of a massive cover-up by the Obamites in the White House and probably the President himself.  It has all the appearances of the "Chicago" anal rape (i.e., the payback if you mess with us).  Same identical pattern as Obama has used in the past to stick it to people that opposed him.  Remember that he won state representative office and US  senate office by 11th hour exposure of unseemly conduct by his opponents - nasty divorce proceedings, affairs, etc.  It appears that the White House is trying to intimidate and hush up the generals that could be instrumental in providing the inside story of what actually went down in Benghazi.  And there may be even more to it than that.

Petraeus knows what went down.  He was approached and told to lie or otherwise not testify before Congress. He was threatened.  The White House held a knife to his throat in the form of disclosure of his affair in exchange or favorable testimony before congress on Benghazi.  Did he decide that resignation was the best way to do what was best for the country -followed by  testimony voluntarily as a private citizen?  What is the connection to General Allen? Apparently General Allen knows something as well.

By the way, did you hear that Ambassador Susan Rice is being publicly considered for Secretary of State after Clinton leaves?  She who went on five Sunday morning political talk shows peddling the pure BS of how the Benghazi attach was spontaneous expression of displeasure with a YouTube video derogatory to Mohammad.  Think that might be a payoff for being a part of the cover-up?

The Ulsterman, in his blog, has featured dialog with a person identified as "Military Insider."  Military Insider has hinted at great dissatisfaction among senior leadership in the military and outright resentment of Obama.  Perhaps these three generals also share in common that they are among this ground and have great influence and respect among the military.  Perhaps the White House is conducting what is essentially a communist style purge of the military leadership - in the same style as Kim Jung Un.

Mr. Quarter believes that all of these events are not just coincidence (especially immediately after the election). There is much more here than it appears.  We are witnessing one of the biggest, most obvious and most public political cover-ups in the history of this Republic.   Remember, believe what your eyes see and what your gut tells you, not what the Obama White House and the main stream media tell you.  Your freedom depends on it.

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Anonymous said...

A rear admiral was also sacked recently. I think a total of 5 or 6 high ranking officers have been called on the carpet recently. In other countries that might be called a purge. You don't take out officers of that rank for petty stuff. Obama and co are either boobs for recklessly hamstringing our senior officers OR it is indeed some sort of message to the military. Toe the line or else !