Tuesday, July 20, 2010

If Its So Great, Why Aint Anyone Buyin' It?

Mr. Quarter has been amused lately by all the wailing, pissing and moaning coming from the Left. The central theme seems to be that Obama has really disappointed the Left for failing to achieve the full demolition of the constitutional United States, and this fall the electorate appears likely to replace sufficient numbers of Democrat congressmen and senators frustrate any further attempts. Worst of all, the Left just cannot get their minds around the fact that the majority of America just don't think like them and won't accept their political viewpoint. This excerpt from an article by Paul Waldman published in today's online version of The American Prospect exemplifies the prevailing attitude on the Left:

"All over the country, progressives are gripped by gloom. It's partly directed at Obama (if only he had done this or that, everything would be different) and partly about the fact that the GOP seems to grow dumber and more ideologically radical by the day. But the broader frustration is with a system whose dysfunction and corruption seems worse than ever -- one that seems like it's designed to stop progressive change."

So, Mr. Waldman thinks that the GOP (and probably anyone else who might object) is simply growing dumber because we don't fully and unquestioningly embrace the politics of the Left. Note that he laments that the system is simply broken because it seems that "is designed to stop progressive change." Really. And all this time, I thought that it was simply the republican form of government in the United States where all citizens have equal representation in Senate and proportional representation in the House of Representatives. I had no idea that it was all a conspiracy to reject the uniformly brilliant and visionary ideas of the Left.

What stumps Mr. Quarter is the arrogance of Mr. Waldman and others of his ilk. There is no mysterious conspiracy and the "fix" isn't in to tilt the balance away from so called "Progressives." It is very simply that the ideology of the Left is contrary to the American Spirit and distasteful to the overwhelming majority of voters. If the Progressive Left desires to govern and to make changes, there is a clear path and method: Produce an ideology that can attract sufficient support in the marketplace of political discourse such that it can be enacted into law with bi-partisan support. If this requires amending the Constitution of the United States, then so be it. The amending procedure is straight forward and prescribed. All you need is to sell your changes to the electorate and their representatives in the Congress and the States will enact the change. Bottom line is if you lack the support of the people, then you really don't have a very good idea.

Now Mr. Quarter knows what Andrew Wilkow means when he ends his radio show with: "We are right, they are wrong, end of story."

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