Monday, January 12, 2009

What Were They Thinking?

Mr. Quarter is annoyed that the MSM is in full throated hue and cry over the Israeli assault on Gaza, once again putting their anti-Israeli bias on display. If you pick up a newspaper, you would think that the Israeli government launched an unjust aggression against the poor defenseless Gazans, who were only trying to grow lettuce and olives. I mean, who can really fault the poor Gazans? They needed to blow off some steam on a slow Saturday night (you can't really have a beer), so they opened the garage and wheeled out a couple of the the surface-to -surface missile that Ahmed built from a plans he saw in Boys Life magazine. A couple of Allah Akbar's later and 3 acres of spinach outside Ashkalon is a smoking scrap metal market and a tractor is sitting on 4 flats. Talk about being sensitive, is this all it takes to piss off the Israelis? I mean come on, a little harmless fun and their conflating it completely out of proportion.

What no one seems to be willing to say is that the Hamas rank and file in particular and, perhaps, Gazans in particular have to be brain dead. Clear and lucid thinking does not drive you to taunt and irritate a bigger and more powerful adversary only to be destroyed. It is crazy to believe that because every last one of you is not dead, you can claim to have won a victory.

Clear warnings were given, "Stop the missiles or we will kick your ass." The Gazans must have been thinking that the Israelis were kidding or something. The Israeli's said again , "No really, stop it or we are going to kick your ass." Yeah right, "Hamid, open the closet and get that missile I was working on."
So the Israelis did exactly what they said they would do, and the Israeli government is fully justified in their actions. And they should keep on bringing the lumber until Hamas is destroyed or capitulates. But, the MSM would have us believe that it is a "Holocaust"
The facts on the ground speak of a far different truth than the "crisis" that the MSM would have us believe has befallen the people of Gaza. There are 1.5 million Gazans. Recent reports indicate that about 800 Gazans have been killed, and three times that number wounded. Reports also indicate that 2/3 of the fatalities and causalities are Hamas. By any measure it would appear the the marksmanship of the Israeli Army is outstanding.

The fact is that the Hamas charter makes the group inherently incapable of making peace with Israel. Their foundation document says without ambiguity that they will never live next to or tolerate the existence of a "Zionist entity". End of discussion.

There is really only two ways to make a lasting peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis. Either the Palestinians adopt a life style of live and let live, and wise up to understand that they can have a pretty good life if they leave the Israelis alone. They don't have to like them, just leave them alone. The Israelis don't want Gaza and could care less about the Gazans. Or the Palestinians can keep on taunting and irritating a bigger and more powerful adversary, keep on having their asses kicked, and never advance beyond the status of a 3rd world feudal state. The choice is really theirs to make.

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