Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Deuce Ponders...

If I were George W. Bush, this is what I would have said in my last speech to the American people.

"From September 12, 2001, to January 20th, 2009, over seven years, not one American has been killed, or even wounded, by Islamic terrorists on American soil. If you'll remember, shortly after 9/11 every government representative, every pundit and every MSM anchor were saying the same thing; 'it's not a question of if we'll be attacked again, only a question of when and how.' Not only was there not another attack of the destructiveness of 9/11 on my watch, there were no successful attacks at all. I may have let other things slide, some of them very important, and I regret that. But my first and most important priority was to ensure that innocent American men, women and children were not slaughtered again as they were on 9/11. If history records that was my only success as your president, I will gladly accept that as my legacy. Too all of you strong and faithful Americans who understand the decisions I made and the actions I took to protect us all, I say it has been my distinct honor to be your President and Commander In Chief. Goodbye and good luck. To all of you fair weather friends in Congress and the media who initially supported my invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq and the broader war on terror, but soon bailed out when the war took longer than you could stomach and U.S. casualties exceeded ten, I say, with all the sincerity I can muster, Fuck You!

What to do with the unlawful combatants currently held at Gitmo?

Leave them there for eternity. Barring that, I hear Rep. Murtha ( D-PA ) has said that the detainees are not particularly dangerous and that he'd be glad to hold them in his district. Well alrighty then...if Gitmo must be closed, let's take Murtha up on his offer...and then see what his constituents say about it. Or we could give all the detainees the 'Muslim Treatment' and cut their heads off and then drag the corpses through the streets of Gitmo with live video feeds to the Middle East. Turn about is fair play, no?

The Issue of President Obama's birth certificate.

For reasons that defy understanding, President Obama has repeatedly refused to allow the state of Hawaii to release his birth certificate, there bye defusing the nagging complaints that he's not a natural born U.S. citizen and hence not eligible to be the President of the United States. He did publish a document on his web site prior to the election, but the document he posted was not a Certificate of Live Birth, and it did not state the location of his birth ( and was claimed to be a forgery by more than one "expert" .
Assuming that Barack was in fact born in Hawaii, I can not come up with a rational reason Barack would refuse to release the document, going so far as to contest ( so far successfully ) numerous law suits filed by American citizens suspicious of his legal status. Here are some possible explanations.

1. The birth certificate would in fact show he was born in Hawaii, but that his father was not the Kenyan man he has identified as his father. Perhaps Barack's mother refused to divulge the father's name, either out of spite to injure a non-supportive father, or out of true doubt as to who the actual father was. Being a bastard doesn't carry the same social shame as it used to, but it can't be good for a presidential candidate.
2. Uh, I can't think of a second reason.

To torture or not to torture.

Here's a simple test to determine how you really feel about torture. Your only child has been kidnapped and is being held for ransom. The kidnappers have communicated to you that you must pay their ransom or they will murder your child. You have 24 hours to meet their demands. You do not have the money they're demanding and can not raise it by the deadline. However, the FBI has captured one of the kidnappers and are convinced, through multiple sources, that he knows where your child is. Question: do you beg the FBI to do everything they can, including torture the kidnapper, to locate your child and attempt a rescue, or do you threaten a law suit if the kidnapper is mistreated in any way? Yes, it really is that simple. Change the scenario to the classic 'ticking time bomb', with millions threatened by a nuclear bomb or a chemical weapon hidden somewhere in New York or L.A. or Washington D.C., and the only rational answer is, "Hell yeah! Do whatever it takes to save those people." If you can not find it within you to torture one kidnapper or terrorist in order to save the life of your child or of a million innocent Americans, then I suggest you are a terribly misguided coward. Of course torture is a disgusting, stomach wrenching reality that we all wish would remain forever unnecessary...but sometimes it is in fact necessary. Man up and deal with it.

Israel invades Gaza.

According to the MSM, the only Palestinians to die in the latest Israeli/Palestinian war are children who were minding their own business at school or a U.N. relief facility or a mosque. It's like the Israelis have these special bombs and tank rounds and artillery shells that seek out and destroy only children under the age of ten.
Have innocent children been killed in this latest Jew vs. Muslim conflict? Undoubtedly. My heart breaks for the death of innocents, in whatever the conflict. But the deaths of these innocents rests on the heads of the Palestinian people, who in 'open and honest' elections chose the terrorist gang Hamas to administer their government. Ever since being elected, Hamas has been lobbing rockets into Israel in an attempt to kill Israelis, including innocent children and otherwise terrorizing the Israeli people. As far as I can tell, the Israelis held their wrath for months, if not years, before deciding they'd had enough and invaded Gaza to stop the rocket attacks.
It has been said that people get the government they deserve. The Palestinians chose Hamas, and finally they are reaping their reward for making such an evil choice.

Being Neighborly.

In Bay City, Michigan, a 93 year old World War II vet froze to death in his own home after his electricity was shut off for non-payment. At least two neighbors were quoted in the press as being outraged that such a thing could happen in America.
I wonder...where were the outraged 'neighbors' when this poor man was dying? Did it ever occur to them to check up on him every now and then? Did they ever ask if he needed anything? Did they ever take him a meal, or shovel the snow off of his sidewalks, or contact the man's family or at least a state agency and let anyone know that their 'neighbor' was in trouble and needed assistance? Did they actually do anything to help?
It breaks my heart to think this man, who risked his life for his country so long ago in far away lands, died cold, alone and forgotten. God help us that we should allow this to happen to any neighbor, much less a veteran.


Anonymous said...

Good Stuff Deuce!!

Ted said...

Obama says his "recovery plan will include UNPRECEDENTED measures that will allow the American people to hold [his] administration ACCOUNTABLE" yet Obama refuses to be held ACCOUNTABLE to the same American people for his UNPRECEDENTED refusal to show his actual birth certificate.