Monday, October 5, 2009

There they go again!

By Mr. Quarter

Once again, I have read a hatchet job on the Republican Party by a leftist partisan hack that just made my blood boil. The article, by economist Paul Krugman (a man totally in the tank for the Democrats and Obama) who publishes in the NY Times (a partisan rag for the left) asserts that the Republican Party’s default position is opposition to anything that might make Obama look good and celebrates his defeats in all arenas. Alternatively, he asserts, that the Democratic Party’s opposition to ALL things George Bush was simply adherence to ideological reasoning. What manure.

One of my beefs with Mr. Krugman is that he is an economist, though from reading his stuff I have real doubts as to why the Nobel Committee even considered him for a prize. What exactly is it imparts standing to him as a political commentator except that he is an unrepentant partisan for the left and a shameless advocate for Obama? Probably that he has to produce a column each week and can publish his stream-of-consciousness drivel in the NY Times without review and without editorial control. Certainly not that it is relevant, accurate, or containing in-depth analysis or insight. So, weekly, he holds forth with intellectually dishonest and factually incorrect opinion, shamelessly slanted to cast aspersions on Conservatives in particular and Republicans in general.

Well here is my opinion: Mr. Krugman should have stayed with his first job. Why is it that commentators like Krugman are so lacking the intellectual honesty that they are comfortable suggesting that Democrats/Progressives are inherently good intentioned while Republicans/Conservatives are inherently bad intentioned? Why is it that we see so few conservative commentators directly calling out hacks like Krugman?

Let’s look at Krugman’s examples of George W. Bush’s privatization of social security accounts and the current Obama health care reform initiative. Mr. Krugman asserted that the Democratic opposition to Bush’s proposal was “ideologically” based. Democrats simply want to protect the people’s interest. As I recall, Republicans held the majority in both houses from 2000 to 2007! So Bush’s social security reform were defeated solely by Democrats? No, it was defeated because a bipartisan majority voted it down. Similarly, Mr. Krugman asserted that today, Republican’s dissent from Obama’s health care reform is nothing more than spiteful opposition to prevent Obama from having a victory – no matter that it might benefit the citizenry. Well, last I checked, Democrats control both houses of Congress. Last I checked a broad mixture of both Democrats and Republicans are in opposition. So much for Mr. Krugman’s dogmatic clap trap.

Frankly, I think it is time for conservative leaders and Republicans generally to start to stand up and call it like it is. I don’t necessarily agree with sending the Rush Limbaugh’s, Sean Hannity’s and Glen Beck’s of the world out on this mission. I think that they lack the gravitas. But a few Republican leaders that are willing to step up and publically question the veracity of these left wing commentators is what is needed. Show that this side still has the cajones to stand up and duke it out face to face.

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The Deuce said...

What does it say about the Republicans in the House and Senate ( not to mention Bush II ) that they're leaving all the heavy lifting of conservatism to pundits like Beck, Hannity and Rush?
If the Republican leadership had half the guts of the talking heads maybe we wouldn't be so close to total collapse.
America needs leaders...not politicians.