Friday, October 9, 2009

For What?

By Mr. Quarter

On my way into work this morning, I happened to catch the news that President Obama had been awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace. I nearly drove off the road.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? For what? What exactly has he done? Oh, now I remember - the apology tour. He went around the world kissing asses. Bowing from the waist to the King of Saudi Arabia, apologizing for American arrogance and unilateralism, asserting that American has been wrong in her intent, actions, and goals. As far as I can tell, that tour is the only task that Obama has actually finished since he took office. Other than that, I can't think of a single accomplishment that he initiated and took to conclusion. Every single thing that he has actually taken to a conclusion was started under the Bush administration - including the closing of Guantanamo.

I have never been ashamed as I am now. I have never felt such pity and real fear for those brave men and women that are now in Iraq and Afghanistan. Those poor bastards. What are the odds at this point, now that Obama has pocketed a Nobel Peace Prize, that he will do the right thing and put enough troops into Afghanistan to win. Shameful. If he had a hair on his sack, he would tell the Nobel Committee to take the award and stick it. If he was a grown up, he would never, ever mention it publicly for the rest of his (hopefully only) term in office.


Adding fuel to the fire of what exactly has Obama done, the deadline for nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize was exactly 10 days after Obama was inaugurated. 10 DAYS!!!!! He was apparently incredibly busy peacemaking for those first 10 days into his presidency. Imagine what he will accomplish with a full term of 4 years. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. This guy is the friggin' Antichrist!!

"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get."
Forrest Gump

Words to live by.

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