Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Deuce Laughs...and Cries.

" sorry...but be so kind as to pee prior to boarding." All this "carbon footprint" crap ( no pun intended ) is really getting out of hand. All Nippon Airways is, very politely I'm sure, asking all passengers to...well...pee, before boarding. Do we laugh or cry?

In a related story Irish school children are being asked by their local school authorities to bring their own toilet paper to school. Seems tax receipts are down and expenses are up. What do you bet that just two or three years ago, when the Irish economy was thriving and the envy of Europe, these same school authorities were bragging about how they were supplying all of their precious little students with laptop computers...because everyone knows you can't learn without a laptop...just ask Einstein, Abe Lincoln or Euclid.

The gimongous stimulus bill, aka the "porkulus bill" was supposed to be for "shovel ready" building the building that was done during the Great Depression. Dams, roads, bridges and the like. Giant public works that would benefit Americans by putting them to work and by building things that improved America. Like, oh say, upgrading the levys around New Orleans to withstand a cat-5 hurricane so all the poor little dears there wouldn't be endangered when they ignored warnings to evacuate the city. Instead, we the taxpayers, get to fund yet another welfare plan. The Glorious Leader and his evil minions are bankrupting us to help those of us that are unable or unwilling to help themselves. This false compassion is crippling us.

The value of the dollar is falling. Russia, France, Saudi Arabia, China and other countries are calling for an end in the exclusive use of the dollar for trading in oil ( oil can only be purchased using dollars ). They're doing this because they doubt the stability of the dollar, and hence the stability of the U.S. economy, and hence the stability of the U.S. As the dollar loses value as compared to other currencies, it means that more dollars must be spent to import all those wonderful goods that Americans oil that's refined into gasoline and diesel fuel for our cars and trucks, big screen TVs and cars from Japan, and just about everything else from China. What do these countries know that the Obama administration and congress don't? Can you say inflation? It's coming, with a vengeance.

The U.S. budget deficit TRIPLED in one year, the fiscal year that ended September 30. This, more than anything else in my opinion, is the reason for the decline in the dollar. Simply put, we are spending money we don't have. We are monetizing our debt, which means we are printing dollars, then taking those newly printed sawbucks and selling them into treasury bonds, and then the U.S. government is buying its own bonds. It is very risky, the risk being inflation, or even hyper-inflation, as seen in the Wiemar Republic of 1920's Germany or numerous other countries since then. It's VERY bad. It's like you maxing out one credit card, then getting a new credit card and transferring the debt from the first card to the second card...and continuing to charge purchases. End result, you get deeper and deeper in debt until you have no hope of paying the debt off and you go bankrupt. BIG HINT...there is no bankruptcy court for America.

NASA is bombing the Moon. One has to wonder what the rules of engagement are? Can NASA bomb wherever it wants, a veritable free-fire zone, or are there potential targets that are off limits? Are there carbon footprint concerns? Might we not be creating climate change on the Moon? One thing is for sure...minorities and children will most effected.

And finally this. Are you a real man having problems attracting a suitable mate? Well, it's not's chemistry. And you thought there was no trade off for those boner pills you've been taking.

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