Monday, March 22, 2010

Mr. Quarter on the Dark Days Ahead

Despite the shouted warnings from conservatives and utter lack of interest in his background by the liberal main stream media, in November 2008 American elected a socialist as president. Last night, we were treated to the spectacle of the first steps in transforming America into a socialist country. If there are any remaining doubts about the future course of health care in America – or America itself for that matter, they should be dispelled now. Immediately, health insurance companies will be forced to accept any application for insurance and the premium that they charge for accepting that risk will be controlled by Washington. They will cease to be insurers that evaluate and price risk by actuarial formula; what were once private companies will now be organs of the federal government. They will lose money and go out of business, but only after a wave of consolidations of the smaller insurance companies as the industry tries to avoid the inevitable – bankruptcy. But long before that happens, the government will move from subsidizer to provider of health care. As the leaders of the Democrat party have openly said, this bill is only the first step. They mean a first step down the legislative road to complete socialization of health care. This legislation will drive the insurers out of business.

The size and scope of government over private citizens grew by an order-of-magnitude last night. Be prepared for an army of new federal bureaucrats scrutinizing your finances to verify compliance with this new law. The projection is that there will be 17,000 new IRS employees alone required to verify whether you have insurance, whether it is the right kind of insurance, and whether or not you or your employer will be fined. That is right. You will be compelled to purchase insurance or you will pay enough to ensure that someone else can buy subsidized insurance at your expense. And the growth of the size and scope of government intrusion into the private lives of the citizenry will increase as more and more of those bureaucrats in the 161 separate agencies and commissions, contemplated by the bill that was passed, come on line.

The bill passed last night purports to save $520 billion from the Medicare program by eliminating waste and fraud over 10 years. In fact, the Obama Administration is so optimistic that they actually believe that this savings can be accomplished by legislative action in 2010, and then realize an additional $287 billion over the following 10 years! The 2010 budget has set Medicare outlays at $510 billion. Their claim then is that Medicare is actually going to be a money making proposition by $10 billion in 2010! Assuming for the moment that this fiction is true, how many seniors are there in America that are actually willing to bet their health care on the ability of the Federal government to achieve savings by eliminating waste and fraud to the tune of the entire Medicare expenditure for 2010?

How many health care providers are willing to take a cut in pay or reduce their profits because government will now have the ability to tell them what they can charge for services? Some, perhaps, for a short period. But, if we are to believe the hype of the Democrats, this same health care system will now have to accommodate 30 million additional customers, and those customers will be using a government mandated insurance system that sets payment rates. As for-profit medicine declines into extinction, who will step in to fill the gap? More and more of those government solutions, that is who.

This is the single worst piece of legislation ever passed into law by the US Congress, and yesterday was the beginning of dark days for America. The cost of this bill is appalling, at a time when the United States Treasury is monetizing its debt and its credit rating is on the verge of being downgraded. It will bankrupt America – and quickly. The transformation of America to a socialist system was begun last night and it has to be stopped. It was done in the face of unanimous opposition from the Republicans, opposition by a 70% or greater majority of ordinary Americans, the elimination by election of the filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, with outright deceit, with blatant backroom deal-making, and outright corruption in plain view for all to see. I for one am declaring war. I am pissed off and I am not taking it anymore. Liberal Democrats do not represent the mainstream of American thinking and do not feel any obligation or allegiance to the Constitution of the United States. No less than the very survival of this country is at stake. They must to be voted out of office as soon as possible and this legislation must be repealed.

As for Mr. Quarter, I am going to amplify my political efforts and do everything that I can here in Pennsylvania to make sure that my Congressman Joe Sestak and Senator Arlen Specter never see the inside of the capital building after November 2010. I will do the same to make sure that Senator Robert Casey never serves more than a single term. These guys have all voted in complete opposition to the expressed wishes of the electorate of the State of Pennsylvania and they all deserve to be given the heave-ho!


Anonymous said...

Makes sense

The Deuce said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. Buckle up everyone...we're on an express elevator to Hell, going down!