Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Deuce and Progressives

Progressive drive me to a homicidal rage. As much as I try to understand them, it's just not humanly possible, which forces me to conclude that progressives are not really human. They're like reptiles that can talk, if you discount the slithering tongues and hissing. It's not just that I disagree with them, it's that their perspective and arguments are simply INSANE!

Actor and serial moron Sean Penn thinks that American journalists that refer to Venezuelan henchman Hugo Chavez as a dictator should be imprisoned. You gotta love Penn's selective respect for free speech. And as an off-subject aside, isn't Penn the ugliest man still breathing? Hollywood makeup artists use him as a model for what a zombie looks like. Being ugly isn't a prerequisite for being a commie, but it may play a psychological role in making someone a virulent commie, like Penn, or, come to think of it, his fellow Hollywood traveller Jenine Garrafallo, that tattooed blithering idiot that said on Bill Maher's TV show that all the criticism of Obama was due to nothing more than anti-black racism. As if a white communist would be more appealing to middle America.

Here, world renowned genius Elinore Clift displays her superior intellect, claiming Ronald Reagan's avuncular personality, not his fiscal policy, brought America out of Jimmy Carter's recession in the early 80's. Yes sir, nothing like an optimistic geezer to cut double digit inflation and interest rates. One look at Reagan and all those hard-hearted Wall Street sharks and calculating Fed money-changers just dropped to their knees and cried "we bow to your happy happy happiness. Let there be prosperity!"

When your heart isn't really into something, but you need to make people believe it is, what do you do? If you're a smarmy, cowardly progressive politician, you take a class on how to talk tough. Seriously! In the Army we called this "how to sound off as if you had a pair." In the civilian world it's called how to be a gutless poltroon but not sound like one. Progressives are such hapless waifs. Walk down the street with a gun on your hip and a bible in your hand and they'll call out the national guard; slaughter 13 of your fellow soldiers like Major Hassan at Ft. Hood and they'll arrange for a lawyer, a shrink and serious couch time on Oprah, 'cause pre-PTSD is such a bitch!

And finally, some federal judge in New York has determined that ACORN's federal funding must continue, despite the fact that the organization is under indictment for voter registration fraud in several states and was taped on numerous occasions offering advice to an undercover investigator on how to set up a prostitution ring with federal grants.

The judge determined that ACORN was a "federal contractor" and as such there were federal laws dictating certain procedures be followed before funding could be witheld. Contractor? Exactly what product or service does ACORN provide to the federal government? Oh, I know; they keep federal prosecutors busy investigating them; they help the government spend money so the printers at the U.S. Mint stay employed cranking out play money that's not backed by anything of any value; they make sure there are plenty of whores in D.C. to service the whores in Congress; and most importantly, they help Democrats get re-elected.

ACORN isn't a contractor, it's a criminal enterprise that needs to be prosecuted under the RICO statutes...and so should the judge that handed down this abomination of a decision.

Progressives...you just gotta hate 'em.

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