Friday, May 8, 2009

The Deuce and Free Speech

While some semblance of free speech still exists in this country, there are a few things I would like to get off my chest. I realize that this expression of my first amendment right might come back to haunt me should certain legislation now being "debated" be made retroactive, but frankly I am beyond the point of caring. And since I so wisely have kept any "right wing extremism" bumper stickers off my truck, I might get to enjoy my free speech just a little bit longer

hate: 1 to have strong dislike or ill will for 2 to wish to avoid.

With the full understanding that hate can be self destructive and that as a Christian it is my duty to do all that I can to avoid hate, I still hate the following people and things. May God have mercy on my soul.

Political Correctness: if you don't like what I say, that's cool. Wow me with your logic and reason and attempt to change my mind. But if you attempt to shout me down, or threaten me with violence, or otherwise deny my right to speak, or smear my reputation, or demand that my employer fire me , or deny me a job or promotion or scholarship because you don't like what I say...then I hate you. I hate you because you have no respect for the 1st amendment to our Constitution. You know, the amendment meant to protect that speech that most needs protection...speech that angers or offends someone else.

Do you remember when those that opposed your views would say, "I disagree with what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it?" You don't hear that much anymore, do you? I HATE anyone who believes in, practices or condones political correctness. Burn in Hell.

Politicians: I don't necessarily mean elected representatives. I mean professional Arlen Spector, D-PA. Mr. Spector recently changed political parties, from Republican to Democrat, because he knew he would lose his next Republican primary. His goal? To remain a U.S. Senator of course. His beliefs didn't matter, only the latest polls coming out of Pennsylvania. He said he changed parties because the Republican party had moved too far to the right, never mind that the Republican party as represented by Washington, has never been more liberal than it is right now, hence the current "listening tour" of such staunch conservative Republicans as John McCain and Jeb Bush.

Rep. John Murtha, D-PA, is another example. Himself a former Marine, he was more than willing to support the "war is lost" contingent of the Democratic party when he proclaimed some Marines to be guilty of war crimes in the Haditha firefight. News of the shootout was barely a week out when Murtha very publicly announced that his fellow Marines were murderers. Quick to believe Iraqi "civilians" and to discount early Marine accounts, Rep. Murtha rushed to abandon the Marine motto, Semper Fi ( always faithful ) and hang his fellow Marines out to dry. Since Murtha trumpeted their guilt, ALL of the Marines charged and tried in Courts Martial have been found not guilty. Oh, and since then Rep. Murtha had stated his willingness to house Gitmo detainees in his western Pennsylvania district since they are of little to no threat to his constituents. So quick to damn his fellow Marines, so ready to excuse the cut throats in Gitmo.

It appears to me that about 90% of the current crop of senators and representatives are more than willing to sell out their true beliefs, as long as it will get them re-elected. They're cynics and cowards. They hold that you can't do anything if you don't get elected. They are not leaders...they are simply professional politicians. In short, they're scum, willing to say anything and vote for any legislation that will keep them in power. They're treated like princes and they just can't stand to give that up. I HATE you. Burn in Hell.

Liars, Prevaricators and Dissemblers: Bill Clinton was the champion of this group until he was surpassed by Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, D-CA. When being questioned by a U.S. Attorney in connection with the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Slick Willy had the balls to say, under oath, "Well, that depends on what the definition of is, is." Remember, he "did not have sexual relations with that woman, Monica Lewinsky." No, he didn't have sex with her, he only got a few blow jobs in the oval office...on the people's dime no less. I don't know about you, but I don't expect the leader of my country to be enjoying hummers during working hours in the oval office.

But now we have Ms. Pelosi, who swears she was not informed prior to the fact that "enhanced interrogation techniques" were being used by American interrogators on high value Al-Qaida detainees...the techniques she now calls torture. Did she raise hell about the "torture" when she was briefed about it in 2002? No. Did she raise any objection to the "torture" at all? Apparently not. But now, now that a fellow Democrat is in the White House, she's all in favor of investigating and indicting Republican officials who played a role in determining that the enhanced interrogation techniques were legal. The lying bitch. Worse than Spector. I HATE you. Burn in Hell.

Media Toadies: the press is supposed to be non-partisan and unbiased. Perhaps I'm naive in believing that they ever were, but now it is all too apparent that they are not. However you care to measure it, the press is truly in the bag for President Obama and his socialist agenda. It was readily apparent during the campaign and it is just as obvious now. From high level meetings at MSNBC to determine if the network was too supportive of Obama ( gee, ya think?), to their approving fascination with the First Lady's fashion, to the President's recent lunch at a D.C. burger joint where he showed "his common touch" by deigning to eat in a public restaurant. Never mind the positive focus on Obama's most recent announcement that he was proposing $17 billion in cuts to the upcoming budget for fiscal 2010, despite the fact that such a "cut" represented less than one half of one percent of his truly mind blowing $3.4 trillion budget, which got nary a comment. Nationalizing America's financial sector? No problem. Firing the CEO of GM, a private company, no problem. Chumming it up with banana republic dictator Hugo Chavez? No problem. Not caring that a handful of cabinet appointees are tax cheats? No problem.

As far as the toadies in the media are concerned, if it's Obama, it's All Righta! I HATE you. Burn in Hell.

Steroid Cheating Athletes: Cheating is cheating you punks. You want to sell your souls for temporary fame and fortune, go ahead. When you take the fifth at congressional hearings you've just admitted your own guilt and broken the heart of every baseball fan. Like you care. No Hall of Fame for you! Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, I'm talking about you.

Hollywood Commies: If you can visit Cuba and Venezuela and think you've just seen the apex of human're as dumb as the media toadies. Sean Penn, I'm talking about you. And while I'm at it, Jane Fonda, I haven't forgotten your treason either.

Islamic Jihadists: I want all of you to blow yourselves up. Your 72 virgins are breathlessly waiting for you. Who am I to delay you? Don't bother with the whole training and insertion crap...just push the button as soon as you have the vest on or as soon as you get in the truck. You ignorant savages. Just die. As long as you're alive you're just waisting air that could be better used burning the gas in my truck.

The Eco Insane: What happened to Global Warming? Why are you now calling it all Climate Change? Do you know the difference between climate and weather? Ever heard of the Ice Ages? Ever heard of sun spots and their effect on our climate? Do you realize that any change in the global climate over the last ten years is statistically insignificant? Do you realize that any changes in global weather over the last ten years can hardly be called climate change? Do you realize that the word climate denotes hundreds if not thousands of years of weather? Do you realize that you're morons?

Yes, I hate. So sue me. Oh yeah, I hate lawyers too.

Enjoy your free speech while you can. Even you that I hate.

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