Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Deuce Pays For World Health

Earlier this month The Glorious Leader announced his dedication to improving world health, and in doing so assumed the American taxpayer's willingness to fund his compassionate urges to the tune of $10.5 billion per year for the next six years. Yes! Finally we have a president with the vision and compassion to spend billions of our dollars for the benefit of the unwashed masses around the globe ( that means Africa ).

This giant wad of taxpayer money is supposed to be used to fight AIDS, malaria, TB and reduce maternal and infant mortality. I support this fight. Like most of us I imagine, I'm not immune to the plight of millions of my fellow human beings living in squalor and suffering from these diseases. However, I support the voluntary giving to international charities to combat this suffering, not the use of taxes which I must pay.

I don't pay taxes to the federal government for the benefit of unknown people on the other side of the world. I pay taxes for the benefit of my family, my community and for America. Sorry, but that's the way it is, or should be. I give to charities like the International Red Cross when I'm moved to help people outside the U.S.

Now you're probably thinking, "Man, that Deuce is a real bastard. He doesn't even care about all those little kids running around with swollen bellies and flys crawling on their faces. What's a few billion here and there to alleviate all that suffering?"

Well, for starters, don't we have enough things to spend our tax dollars on right here? You know, the constitutional stuff like providing for the common defense, funding the federal judicial system, maybe keeping the interstate highways and bridges in good repair to foster interstate commerce. Or how about increasing the funding for research into heart disease and cancer and Alzheimer's and the other diseases that kill so many of our own people?

Of course, since America already has trillions of dollars of national debt, and social security is on the crazy train to bankruptcy, and TGL is printing so much money the presses at the mint must be smokin' hot by now, maybe it's time to just realize that we can't fix every problem that plagues the world. And some times, we can't even help just a little now.

Even if America had no debt and was swimming in cash, we still shouldn't spend tax dollars like this. Every president in the modern era has felt compelled to use our tax dollars as a carrot to make other nations do our bidding or to just like us so they'll stop saying mean things about America and hurting our feelings, while at the same time getting accolades from the likes of U2's Bono ( does Bono lobby his own nation, Ireland, as hard as he does America? ). Obama thinks spending this money will help make America more secure. This used to be known as paying extortion money. Deputy Secretary of State, Jack Lew, said;

"Our announcement today exemplifies a strategy we're bringing to bear across our foreign aid programs, even as we address crises in regions with conflict, we need to make the investments necessary to prevent such crises from occurring in the future," he said. "We are ramping up efforts to fight poverty, food insecurity and disease with solutions that will leave behind the tools to sustain long-term progress." ( emphasis mine ).

The Obama administration thinks poverty and disease in the far corners of the world foments hatred of America and helps terrorist groups to recruit new members. His is not the first administration to think so ( it was the heartless and cruel Republican president Bush II who started this program, the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief or PEPFAR ). But if that were the case, terrorists from China, India and Bangladesh should of been bombing our cities long ago. Young men in Sudan or Ethiopia don't wake up one morning and suddenly start saying, "You know, I'm tired of living in all this misery. I bet it's America's fault. I think I'll go join Al Qaeda and go jihad on America." Why not believe Bin Laden? He said years ago that he's waging war on America because he didn't like American military forces in Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries during and after the Gulf War I. Bin Laden recruits muslims by saying, "Help me drive the Great Satan out of our holy lands." As much as reason can explain Al Qaeda's hatred for America, it's clear what motivated Bin Laden and his minions was not poverty and disease in Muslim nations, or anywhere else.

TGL's proposed spending would foist 70% of the international community's total spending on "world" health on the backs of American tax payers.

We can't afford it. Even if we could, it's not why we pay taxes.

Support the International Red Cross or other legitimate international charities. American tax money should be spent for Americans.

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