Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So Much to Say and So Little Time

By Mr. Quarter

As the title of this piece implies, Mr. Quarter has a lot to comment upon but not much time to write it all down. The Deuce has shamed me with his prolific output of late, and he has again earned my gratitude and admiration for the straightforward manner of his arguments. You can't spell "The Deuce" with nuance!

So many items in the news that need some passing mention, so I will start with one of my favorite people - Nancy Pelosi, the esteemed Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. Also known as Big Fat Liar. It seems that our Nance was never briefed on the extended interrogation techniques (EIT) even though she was one of two members on the House Intelligence Committee that were cleared, er.. well she was briefed that maybe it could be done in the future but hadn't been done yet, er.. well actually it wasn't her that was briefed but her aide and he just recently mentioned it to her. Well actually the CIA mislead her, er.. well the CIA lied to her, er... well her notes are all mixed up! Can she get in any deeper in the manure than she is now? I think not. At least she has given her mouth a vacation this week. Notice that no one on the Democratic side of the isle is calling for investigations into torture any longer? Ummm, why do you suppose that is?

Mr. Obama signed the executive order to close Gitmo on the day after his inauguration. Made the whole crowd at the Daily Koz and Huffington Post wet their panties with happiness. Too bad he never considered that those bad apples will need a new address! So, this past week, Robert Gibbs, the Presidential Press Secretary actually said out loud that, "Well, perhaps that was a hasty decision." No shit. And, the Senate told Obama to pound sand on the $90 million for closure. It seems Harry Reid didn't want a bunch of brown, Arabic speaking gangsters moving into his Nevada neighborhood. Way to grow a pair Harry.

England just had a warning issued by Moody's on potentially reducing its credit rating because its national debt now exceeds 100% of its GDP. The Obama spending orgy, if allowed to continue according to his plan will result in a national debt approaching 81% of the GDP by 2019 and increases from that point in time. The national debt of the US has been a steady 41% of GDP since 1981 until now. So how do you get that debt under control? Well, you can raise taxes or you can inflate your currency. There is real talk right now about a 10% Value Added Tax - read about it here. Inflating your currency is also known as "monetizing the debt." That's a cute trick where the US Treasury sells treasury bonds and the Federal Reserve buys them, thereby creating money out of thin air and placing it into circulation. The result, inflation. So my advice is invest in gold and other precious metal commodities. Your savings are going shrink like your unit during dip in the North Sea!

Kim Jung Il, that crazy guy, is rattling the bars of his play pen and throwing his toys around again! It seems Lil' Kim isn't feelin' the love from Obama and needs his attention. So after firing a couple of missiles toward the Japanese mainland, he thought he could make the point clear by lighting off a 20kt bomb. Registered a 4.3 Richter in Japan. Since then he has been firing missiles into the ocean like some kid skipping stones on a mill pond. All of this while the citizens of Chosun are truly starving for lack of food. I really don't know why any government has the least concern about a NK military excursion. The North Korean army couldn't make it across the street without collapsing from hunger; they don't have a shot at hiking it 20 miles into Seoul.

Finally, here is my favorite. It seems that Canada's Governor General, in a show of solid support for the downtrodden Inuit, attended a seal hunt. At a festival on Monday in the frozen north, the "General" used a traditional knife to slice open the belly of a freshly killed seal, extracted it's heart and ate a piece - raw. European environmentalists vomited at the mere thought. Now that is my kind of man!

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