Friday, May 6, 2011

The Deuce And Osama Bin Laden

OBL is dead, and yeah, I celebrated. What's that? Celebrating the death of any human being is un-christian you say. I tend to think God hates evil, and when that evil is encompassed in a human being, and the death of that human being is the only way to extinguish the evil, well then die you SOB!

When I heard the news I poured myself a shot, hoisted it in honor of the SEALs, the CIA, and everyone else who had a hand in hunting down and killing OBL, thanked God for the end of one particular evil, and tossed the shot back with gusto. Not once did I doubt the the righteousness of my toast or the feeling of gratitude and relief that OBL had finally paid for his evil.

Obviously not everyone agrees with the Deuce, and some who wanted to celebrate had their plans cut short when some unknown pussies took offense.

A bar near Chicago had planned an Osama Bin Rot'n night, with drink specials like "Osama Been Shot", and "The Floating Terrorist." Sounds like a party to me. But alas, the bar caved when un-named people expressed their displeasure over a party to celebrate the death of someone, even the most infamous terrorist who ever lived who caused the death of thousands of innocent Americans along with hundreds of Brits, Spainards, Africans (U.S. embassy staff in Africa) and clubbers in Bali.

So, the patriotic set around Chicago were denied their night of revelry. I felt cheated, so I devised some of my own drink specials that I'm working my way through slowly but surely.

The Drambui "Douple Tap"

The Coors "9 Mil Chill"

Baileys Irish Creme "The Leakin' Noggin"

The Chivas "Cyclops"

The Jose Quervo "Turbanator"

The Yeagermeister "Eat Shit and Diester."

The Jack Daniels "Jihad This!"

And my personal favorite, The Dos Equis "Most Interesting Corpse"

Stay thirsty my friends.

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