Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Deuce And The Golden Hour

The medical community has a term they use to describe the time period trauma victims have to receive treatment if they are to have a chance of surviving their injuries. They call it the "golden hour".

America is a trauma victim, traumatized by President Obama's insane dash into socialism, and it's golden hour ends on November 2, 2010, election day. If America is to survive as a nation of free people, effective treatment must be administered on that day.

So what is the effective treatment? You know what it is. Every single supporter of Obama's policies must be voted out of the House, out of the Senate and out of the governor's mansions. ALL OF THEM! Do this, and we have our chance at survival. We will still be gravely injured, but the bleeding will stop and we have a chance of stabilizing...and living until the wound that is Obama can finally be healed in 2012.

The predictions are that Republicans, many conservatives, will win at least 50 House seats, enough to rest the House majority from the socialists. This is enough to prevent further descent into chaos. Conservatives will have enough votes to ensure Cap and Tax, Card Check and "comprehensive immigration reform" will never become law and the bankrupting of America can be stopped IF conservatives hold their ground! And judging from experience, that is, unfortunately, a big if. The repeal of Obamacare will have to wait.

Set aside any cynicism you may hold. Don't believe that America's best days are behind her. For God's sake, vote for conservatives on November 2nd! There are good and decent people running who still believe in the things that created America. Liberty, honor, free enterprise, equality under the law, self reliance, charity...and God.

If you don't, America is dead, and truly free people will disappear from the Earth.

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