Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Playing the Race Card

By Mr. Quarter

I am disgusted with the increasing frequency of articles in periodicals and newspapers that assert that opposition to Mr. Obama’s policies and disagreement with his politics is really racism. Is this the new strategy to coming from the White House to counter the opposition to Mr. Obama? I have read and hear the formulation that it is “unfashionable” to be overtly racist today, so those who resent Mr. Obama’s presidency because they are racist actually manifest that view point by their opposition to everything Mr. Obama is doing or trying to accomplish. I read with jaw dropping shock Waldman’s absurd article on this topic in the online edition of The American Prospect yesterday. I also read a similar article on the opinion page of the Philadelphia Inquirer this morning that was equally absurd. The common thread through each was that any disagreement with Mr. Obama’s policies and the way that he is instituting them, or for that matter his politics, was plainly racist. I ask you to consider why is it that liberals and Democrats were free to obstruct, denigrate, and outright insult a white Republican president for eight solid years, and yet honest citizens disagreeing with a newly elected black Democrat president are accused of being closet racists and extremists?

Writers in the mainstream media are cherry picking to illustrate their point, but then plainly ignore similar behavior from the Democrat left. They point to Congressman Joe Wilson’s regrettable outburst on the floor of the house as “clear evidence.” They make the explicit formulation: Black President + (White Southern Congressman + “You Lie”) = RACISM. Even Jimmy Carter (shall his name be cursed in infamy) weighed in yesterday. He said explicitly that Joe Wilson’s outburst was “because President Obama is a black man.” How short is their memory? I recall half of the joint session of congress (Democratic Congressmen and Senators) booing President George W. Bush during his State of the Union address. Where was civility and decorum then? Was this any less boorish behavior than that of Congressman Joe Wilson? Was it racism? I think not.

They mainstream media asserts that those who question the legitimacy of Mr. Obama’s election by demanding to see his birth certificate are also racists and extremists, unable to accept that a black man could be elected. Now, I don’t count myself among the “Birthers” (although fellow blogger Conservative Ken is firmly among them). But I have a clear recollection of eight years, form 2000 to 2008, where Democrats of all stripes loudly questioned the legitimacy of Mr. Bush’s election in 2000. I have a clear recollection of the chant “selected, not elected” by Jesse Jackson. And how many times was Mr. Bush called a liar – “Bush lied and people died.” Newly elected Senator Al Franken actually made a living on that mercifully short lived radio network “Air America” and in his best seller book by never missing an opportunity to describe Mr. Bush as stupid. I never once heard any media commentator suggest that it was uncivil or prejudiced.

The mainstream media suggests that racism must be the underlying driver in the howling opposition to Mr. Obama’s addresses to school children this last week. Surely, they complained, those who objected had no other motivation in their opposition except that Mr. Obama is black, After all, Mr. Obama had no message other than to motivate the children to excel and prosper. But George W. Bush also gave a beginning of school address to a school in South Carolina in 2003. The response to that? Accusations of using school children as props, and a congressional investigation for misappropriation of funds! Didn’t seem to have a problem with that.

Fact. President Obama is a black man. Fact. His politics are left of center and his public record suggests he favors socialistic approaches to many issues. To disagree with his policies or politics is not racist, it is simply disagreement. It is our right. Mr. Obama, if you are indeed the leader of your party, you should understand that playing the race card is a sure recipe for igniting true outrage in this country and the defeat of the Democrat left at the ballot box. It is time to understand that you were elected precisely because many in America wanted to demonstrate that racism is the mentality of a very, very small minority of the electorate. To continue down this path of playing the race card at the first hint of opposition is a clear sign of your fear. In continuing to use this ploy, the Obama administration and the party Mr. Obama leads will surely foul the bed and guarantee that it will be decades before another black man is elected to the presidency.


Mr. Quarter said...

My dear friend, I know that you do not conconsider yourself a "birther." But, to draw the distinction that you have yet to make up your mind and simply want proof of citizenship is really no distinction at all. Fact is that you are questioning his citizenship. I am satisfied that we can agree to disagree on this fine point.

The Deuce said...

The logic is irrefutable. If only Obama were an old white guy, we'd be in love with all of his policies.