Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Deuce And Independents

On my best days I'm a realist. On all the other days I'm a pessimist. Some 63 million people voted for Barack Obama for president last year...I would say 63 million Americans, but who knows how many illegal aliens voted in the election? Regardless, tens of millions of Americans who were born into a free-market, God-fearing, self sufficient and generally optimistic country voted for a a man who's mentors include Saul Olinsky ( communist ), the Reverend Jeremiah Wright ( Black nationalist ) and Bill Ayers ( domestic terrorist ). How does this happen? In a word..."Independents."

The first presidential election that I was personally aware of was in 1968, when Richard Nixon, Hubert Humphrey and George Wallace ran. Nixon won.

#1 Main stream Republican ( R ) defeats liberal Democrat ( D ) and segregationist.

Nixon wins re-election in 1972, defeating far-left liberal Democrat George McGovern.

#2 Main stream Republican defeats far-left liberal Democrat.

Nixon ultimately resigns his office in the wake of the Watergate scandal. His vice president, Gerald Ford became president.

Main stream Republican Ford lost to Democrat Jimmy Carter in the 1976 election.

#3 Main stream Democrat defeats main stream Republican.

Carter's presidency was an unmitigated disaster. Double digit inflation and unemployment, the Arab oil embargo and the Iran hostage crisis doomed Carter. Carter was defeated in 1980 by Ronaldus Magnus, the conservative Republican Ronald Reagan.

#4 Main stream Democrat ( being generous ) is defeated by conservative Republican.

Reagan ruled supreme for eight years, winning re-election in 1984 by the biggest landslide in U.S. history, defeating liberal Democrat Walter Mondale.

#5 Conservative Republican defeats liberal Democrat.

In 1988 it was main stream Republican George Bush I against liberal Democrat Michael Dukakis. Bush wins.

#6 Main stream Republican defeats liberal Democrat.

1992. Main stream Republican Bush loses re-election to main stream Democrat Bill Clinton.

#7 Main stream Republican loses to main stream Democrat.

1996. Clinton wins re-election, defeating old fashioned Republican Bob Dole.

#8 Now liberal Democrat defeats main stream Republican.

2000. Main stream Republican George Bush II wins over main stream Democrat Al Gore. The election comes down to one state, Florida, where tens of thousands of confused geezers and high school drop-outs claim to have voted for the wrong candidate due to alien "butter fly" ballot. Dem's force a couple of dozen recounts but run out of time over a month later when the U.S. Supreme Court says, "enough recounts all ready."

#9 Main stream Republican defeats main stream Democrat.

2004. Bush wins re-election due largely to continued support for war on terror and insufferable arrogance of far-left liberal Democrat John Kerry.

#10 Main stream Republican defeats far-left liberal Democrat.

And then last year. Far far-left liberal Democrat Obama defeats liberal Republican John McCain.

#11 Commie beats confused Republican socialist.

Since I've been politically aware, America has vacillated between Ronald Reagan at one extreme and Barack Obama at the other extreme? In twenty years? Are you kidding me?

The so called "independent" voter is the cause of this.

If you consider yourself an "independent" voter, may I humbly suggest you get off your damn fence and pick a side. Quit voting for the candidate you judge to be the "best man", or the best looking, or the most educated, or the best teleprompter reader, and finally figure out what in the hell you actually believe in! No sane adult human being could possibly vote for Carter in '76 and then Reagan in '80, or Reagan in '84 and then vote for Clinton in '92, or Bush II in 2004 and then Obama in '08. Only a schizophrenic could vote like that.

If you stop being suckered by smooth talking professional politicians whose greatest skill is never saying anything they can't deny they said the very next day, we're going to keep swerving from right to left and back again. If you continue to let shysters from both parties off the hook by letting them say "their remarks were taken out of context", or that "truth is relative", or that "circumstances have changed", then America will continue to elect disgusting politicians instead of leaders.

You either believe that small government maximizes individual freedom and that that's a good thing ( R ), or you believe "it takes a village" ( D ). Individualism or Communitarianism.

You either believe that low taxes for everyone stimulates our economy and everyone prospers ( R ), or you believe the rich are getting off easy at the expense of the working class ( D ). Free market capitalism or socialism.

You either believe that there are crazed fanatics out there that want to slaughter Americans and they need to be dealt with harshly ( R ), or you believe we just need to engage other people and apologize for our previous actions ( D ). Robust national defense or "we're sorry" diplomacy.

You either believe that the word Christmas perfectly describes that big holiday at the end of the year ( R ), or you believe that the word Christmas is divisive, racist and violates the separation of church and state ( D ). Freedom of religion or secular buying spree.

You either believe that political correctness is cowardice as well as stupid ( R ), or you believe that it makes everyone all warm and fuzzy, equal and protected ( D ).

You either believe that human action causes global warming or climate change or whatever the hell it's being called this month ( D ), or that the whole thing is about 95% B.S. ( R ).

You either believe that the current $1.38 trillion budget deficit is mildly disturbing but not a huge deal ( D ), or that it is a disaster of biblical proportion ( R ).

Come on people! Get out of the middle of the road. The rest of us are tired of slowing down to go around you.

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