Tuesday, September 29, 2009


By Mr. Quarter.

Mr. Obama apparently believes that making a pitch to locate the 2016 Olympics in Chicago as an appropriate use of the prestige of the Office of the President of the United States. Toward that effort, he is planning to depart to Denmark and “lead” the effort to sway the International Olympic Committee. Last week, Mr. Obama spent an entire night on the Dave Letterman show. How dignified. How Statesmanlike. Last week Mr. Obama made the carousel of Sunday morning talk shows, hawking his health care plan like Tony Mays humping OxyClean™, the stain remover extraordinaire. Is it any wonder that when he stands before the world and gravely warns that Iran must comply with international law, that the Iranian mullahs nearly piss themselves with laughter?

One would imagine that the “Leader of the Free World” might attempt to portray the image of gravitas and dignity, a person of some substance, someone not to be taken lightly. Unfortunately, Mr. Obama’s behavior is a rather sordid demonstration of his woeful lack of gravitas. The Office of the President of the United States is being diminished by his amateurish behavior.

In the matter of the 2016 Olympics, I have two thoughts. First, of the issues that should concern and consume the time of the President, the site of the Olympics would, one imagines, fall somewhere near the selection of this year’s White House holiday greeting card pattern. That he feels compelled to prioritize this issue over, say, economic recovery, soaring deficits, victory in Afghanistan and Iraq, crumbling infrastructure, literacy, and any of 100 other issues gives lie to all the times he stood before the camera’s proclaiming that “we are approaching catastrophe” in order to compel congress to pass the largest pork-laden boondoggles in American history. Who would believe him now? Second, there is probably only one reason for this trip – payback! It is the Chicago way. Obama is paying off some Chicago pol for the $$ support that got him elected. You back me and I’ll personally go to Denmark and get you the Olympics, we’ll make millions! How shameless and brazen. Does he actually think that ordinary Americans can not deduce what is going on?

I grieve for the loss of the majesty of the Office. There was a time, in the not so distant past, when the President was a man to be admired, emulated, and yes, feared. I remember a line from the movie “Nixon” where Nixon was visiting a Texas oil man supporter and the guy was griping about the EPA being on his back. Nixon asked, “Would you rather have the IRS on your back?” The Texan stepped back and replied, “Goddamn Dick, are you threatening me?” Nixon replied, quietly, “Presidents don’t have to threaten.”

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The Deuce said...

Under normal circumstances...no ongoing wars, economy doing well, honorable men and women holding the nation's highest offices...I would think it a good thing to pursue the Olympics. Maybe not to go so far as the President traveling to Europe to make his own pitch, but maybe the V.P. However, these clearly are not normal circumstances, and the highest office in the land is held by a "community organizer" that has NEVER accomplished anything of note in his entire life. Is it racist to believe that we now have our very first affirmative action president?