Friday, June 26, 2009

Mr. Quarter Despairs

By Mr. Quarter

After several months of blogging, montoring the comments sections, adding polls, and adding "our friends" sections, with virtually zero response, I am convinced that we are indeed howling at the moon here in Mr. Quarters Corner. It feels sort of lonely. The feed back we get is mostly from each other - that is from Mr. Quarter, The Deuce, and Conservative Ken. C'est la vie. I have done my best to publicize our blog to friends and acquaintances. I announce the posting of new blogs herein on my page on Facebook so at least my "friends" know to come here and read the post, but to no avail. I am convinced that the American public is too busy to care about the important issues or is to ignorant to care. I know in my heart that I and my co-bloggers have done our best to speak out to the world, to render our opinions and try to stimulate some interest and dialog. But no one is seems to be there, so I despair. I despair for the lost energy of civic interest and involvement. I despair for the country that I grew up in and the eternal promise that it offered to me personally. As I write, Senator John Bohner is waging a lonely battle on the Senate floor filibustering the pending carbon cap and trade bill. Does anyone out there give a damn? I fear not.

So as I squat here in the dim light, I look up and metaphorically howl at the moon from deep within my soul. Howl with despair for what might have been. Howl with frustration that I can't reach the light. Howl with sorrow that I cannot change what is. If a trees falls in the forest and no one is there, does it actually make a sound?

Nevertheless, we will plunge onward and outward. Because if no one speaks then no one will hear.

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The Deuce said...

At least we will no got quietly into that good night. At least we are not sheeple.
If it is the destiny of America to fall into despair, darkness and least we few went down fighting.