Friday, February 27, 2009

Senator Kerry, Just Shut Up!

by Mr. Quarter

In today's Wall Street Journal, the most esteemed Senator John F. Kerry opines in a short article that eastern Europe needs our help. It also appears that Senator Kerry has few reservations about plagiarizing Mr. Quarter's posts! As I pointed out in my post a couple of days ago, central and eastern Europe is in dire financial shape due to mortgage lending in foreign currency. Most of their banks are foreign owned, so much of western Europe is looking at their investments swirling around the bowl - so to speak. The good senator then goes on to make his case that we cannot possibly let this happen as it will throw 20 years of alliance building down the drain. My questions for the good senator would be:

  1. Just who do you think is going to step in, since every country world wide is in the same economic boat. The Russians? Their stock market is in the tank. The Chinese? They are trying to prop up their own economy.
  2. Why is it the responsibility of the US to come to the rescue. Western Europe has the biggest interest, invested heavily there, and should be spending their resources to help their recovery. After all, isn't it they who will profit financially from a eastern Europe economic recovery?
  3. Your guy Obama just dropped a $3.7 trillion bomb on the the US taxpayer, of which almost half is deficit spending - that we have to borrow first. And the projection is for $800 billion deficits well into the future (if Obama is successful in "cutting the deficit in half") So what makes you think this country has the capacity or the will to spend one cent to save another country's economy at this point in time or for the foreseeable future?

Senator Kerry, you are a wanna be looser. You are essentially irrelevant, so get over it and move on. Oh, and do all of your fellow citizens a favor. Simply shut up!


Anonymous said...

Wasn't one of the supposed benefits of forming the EU to be collectively stronger in the face of economic downturns? If so, then I'd suggest that time is here and the EU should solve this problem. If not, as you point out, I don't think we can afford it - and I don't think the American people will stand for it. Perhaps Senator Kerry's wife could provide some good faith up-front money to help....

The Deuce said...

The Glorious Leader's "stimulus" plan, myriad bailouts and budget should be called "The Harry Potter Incarnation Strategy."

It's that big a fantasy.