Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Deuce Expands On Liberty

Referencing my post, "The Deuce and Liberty", specifically seat belt laws, check out this.

Please note how your neighbors like to bribe your state officials with promises of serious cash if the correct laws are passed, tempting your state reps to pass laws they don't really want just so they can get their hands on the Benjamins.

Also note, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration quoted in the article, in 2007 54% of people killed in auto accidents were not wearing their seat belts. This must mean that 46% of people killed in auto accidents were wearing their seat belts ( assuming that all cars on the roads are equipped with seat belts...doubtful, but close enough to not be statistically significant ). Do these figures match what you have been taught, or what you've read or heard? I was under the assumption that wearing seat belts significantly increased your chances of surviving an accident. These figures tend to argue against that.

54 to 46 is pretty close to a toss up. I'll continue to wear my belt, 'cause I like to do all I can to increase the odds in my favor, but I still think wearing seat belts ought to be voluntary for adults capable of, and having every right, to make their own decisions. As far as kids go...strap 'em in. You owe them that, until they can make their own decisions.

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Anonymous said...

The USA is a nation of women. Security, security, security! Don't let anything hurt my precious babies. I'll do anything to avoid a scraped knee or some hurt feelings or dented self-esteem.