Monday, April 11, 2011

Mr. Quarter's Opinion on Inequality

Inequality, or rather economic inequality comprises all disparities in the distribution of economic assets and income. A major and continuing complaint by liberals is that conservative ideology promotes economic inequality. Where in the Bill of Rights or any other amendment to the U.S. Constitution is a grant of equality of economic assets and income to all citizens of the United States? No where.

Citizens of the United States are accorded a number of rights intended to allow the pursuit of happiness and prosperity. Failure to pursue happiness and prosperity or, alternatively, declining to do so is also a right of the United States Citizen. What is not a guaranteed right in the United States Constitution is happiness and prosperity.

Likewise, there is no constitutional basis for the confiscation of economic assets and income with the intent of redistribution of said wealth for the purpose of relieving economic inequality. Those smart enough, ambitious enough, or just plain lucky enough to possess economic assets and income in excess of their needs are entitled to keep it. The United States Constitution tasks the federal government with only the duty of providing for the common defense and general welfare. You will note that the federal government is not tasked with providing for the individual welfare.

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