Monday, March 21, 2011

Mr. Quarter Admires The Clinton Talent

Yes, it is true! Just as The Deuce fought back regurgitation and admired Obama's temporary restraint in not getting involved in Libya, so does Mr. Quarter admire Hillary's (probably with Bill's guidance in the background) clever manipulation in walking Barry right off the plank. The trap she set for him is truly a thing of beauty and something that the Machiavelli's would have admired.

As reported in the press, there were two factions in the deliberations. One faction, led by Secretary of State Clinton and a bunch of academic weenies on the NSC, backed calls from the French and British governments for a NATO-led effort to assist the Libyan rebels and the resulting "No Fly Zone." The second faction, led by the Secretary of Defense (Robert Gates), opposed any U.S. role in the anti-Qadhafi operation. Hillary's faction won the day and Obama's next move was to go to war.

So now the White House message machine is working in overdrive to get out the narrative portraying Obama as initially opposed to any involvement in a Libyan campaign, but changing his mind at the eleventh hour when a humanitarian crisis appeared inevitable. Seems that the outcome of the debate has pissed off a bunch of liberals in Congress. Mostly because Congress didn't get to weigh in on the decision. Obama consulted with the Europeans, the U.N.,and the Arab League, but he forgot to check with the U.S Senate and House of Representatives before he started shooting with American military. That got Dennis Kucinich to start calling for Obama's impeachment!

So Obama now has 60 days under the War Powers Act to get his support lined up in the Congress. Congress could vote to withdraw U.S. forces after 60 days or could withdraw funding. Either way, the Democrats look split between the pissed off liberals representing the base and the remaining Dems trying to put a good face on supporting what he has done. All at a time when he will need support from the entire party to launch his 2012 re-election bid.

As Mr. Quarter sees it, Obama is now in a completely no win situation that has only negative domestic political consequences. If he continues on course, his base gets angrier and his party more divided. If the end point is anything but a friendly government in Libya, he has failed and the Republicans can point to his failure. If he withdraws without conclusion, he looks weak and appears to have failed. If, by some divine providence, the rebels win and have some affection for America, he looks no better than George Bush looked after Iraq. Think Hillary had nothing to do with setting the trap?

In the meantime, Hillary can sit back and watch, always adhering to the illusion of a loyal Secretary of State carrying out the bosses orders. Brilliant! After this week, Mr. Quarter is convinced that Hillary will challange for the Democratic nomination in 2012.

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The Deuce said...

Skullduggery! Manipulation! Backstabbing! Plots, schemes and double-crosses!
Is this American foreign policy or the rebirth of Falcon Crest?

I can only pray that the Lizard Queen challenges for the 2102 nomination. It would rip the Democratic Party apart, which is good for the rest of us.

What this foreign policy does to America is much less attractive.