Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Deuce Effects U.S. Foreign Policy!

Just three days after expressing support for BHO for his refusal to involve America in Libya's civil war, U.S. naval forces launched between 50 and 100 Tomahawk cruise missiles at Libyan anti-aircraft installations.

Clearly having read my blog, Obama realized he must be on the wrong side of history if an arch conservative was applauding his foreign policy and so reversed course.

And just in case you were wondering, Tomahawk cruise missiles cost $569,000 a copy in 1999 dollars according to the U.S. Navy. Assuming 10% inflation in the ensuing 12 years, that's $625,900 each. If we split the difference between the numbers reported launched today and say 75, that's $46.9 million we just "invested" Libya's future (Democrats never spend money, they only invest money).

If Qaddafi is ultimately overthrown, it'll likely be years before we know if our investment in the Libyan people was a good one. I'm not optimistic.

Oh, one other thing. Hell is still hot...and the world makes sense again.

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