Friday, September 24, 2010

The Deuce And Muslims

Is it just me, or are Muslims the biggest trouble makers on the planet?

Wherever Muslims rub up against non-Muslims, there's fighting and bombings and massacres. In Holland, they murder cartoonists; in Paris they riot, burning every car in sight while stoning cops and firefighters; in Africa they form militias and slaughter Christians, Pagans and basically anything that moves that's not doing the head-knock five times a day. In Britain and Spain they like to blow up trains; in Gaza they love launching rockets into Israel; in Fiji they bomb nightclubs; in India they bomb hotels; in the U.S. they like to knock down skyscrapers and then build a mosque a couple of blocks away just to mark their turf.

Now here's the funny part.

"The Quran-burning controversy in the United States has prompted the Islamic bloc at the United Nations to revive its call for the U.N. to set up an “international monitoring mechanism” to track incidents of “Islamophobia.”

But it gets even better.

Introduced by Pakistan on behalf of the OIC, the text condemns “the recent call by an extremist group to organize a ‘Burn a Koran Day’” and says it was among “instances of intolerance, discrimination, profiling and acts of violence against Muslims occurring in many parts of the world.”

Man, life must really suck for Muslims. Imagine, they come home from a long day of slaughtering infidels only to have to put up with "intolerance, discrimination...profiling...". The Horror!

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "But Deuce, not all Muslims are psychotic killers, bent on converting or killing all infidels so as to create the Global Caliphate and bring the entire world under Shariah Law. The vast majority of Muslims, particularly in America, are peace-loving people who only want what the rest of Americans want; peace, prosperity and a better future for their children."

Well, that's one way to interpret the actions, or should I say inaction, of American Muslims. From where I sit, most Muslims in America are simply bidding their time to see which way the wind is going to blow. They don't want to get involved in the more radical aspects of Islamization, but on the other hand they don't want to publicly denounce those Muslims who do because they're afraid of them. They are content to sit back and let the chips fall where they may, waiting for a clear winner to emerge before they commit themselves to one culture or the other. In short, they're playing it safe.

It's what explains the continued existence of C.A.I.R, the Council of American-Islamic Relations, as the premiere Muslim organization in the U.S. Forgotten is the other name C.A.I.R. is known by, "unindicted co-conspirator."

And how deep is C.A.I.R. and it's fellow travellers embedded in America? How about congressional staffers on Capitol Hill? That deep enough for you?

So, what's the take away? It's this. Whenever and wherever you encounter "moderate Muslims", remember that they're not in the game. They don't matter. They may not be on the side of bomb throwing radical Jihadists, but they're not on our side either.

Whenever innocents are blown to bits by Muslims, every Imam in every mosque in American should be making public denunciations of the murderous violence practiced by their radical brethren. The congregation of every mosque in America should be marching in the streets protesting the perversion of their faith. American Muslims should be reporting the jihadists in their mosques to the FBI. American Muslims should be standing up in their mosques demanding that all Muslims all over the world shun the barbaric radicals that have turned Muslims into the most feared and hated group of people since the Nazis.

Until that happens...beware the "moderate Muslim."

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