Wednesday, June 30, 2010

McChrystal's a True Warrior

Mr. Quarter is not buying the media spin of the McChrystal story. I think that the real story is much more cleaver and involves a level of sacrifice that is uncommon in the US government today. General Stanley McChrystal is a true warrior who fell on his own sword to save the lives of American soldiers and preserve the honor of his country.

General Stanley McChrystal, a 4-star (i.e., FULL) general. A U.S Army Ranger, and leader of the United States arsenal of special operations forces up until the time that he was tabbed to lead the Afghanistan campaign. Is it in any way beliveable that let a 26 year old Gucci wearing fag reporter from Rolling Stone magazine manage to "get the goods" on him and take him down? Mr. Quarter ain't believing it for an instant.

No, Mr. Quarter believes that General McChrystal saw that the Obamaites (James Jones and Carl Eikenberry) were screwing him and backdoor undermining of his efforts. He saw a command quagmire and American soldiers dying needlessly. So he made his plan, and played a reporter from Rolling Stone like a cheap fiddle feeding him information through his subordinates. Get the story out in the press and expose these foolish men for what they were. He knew all along that he would have to fall on his own sword in the end, but it would save lives and hopefully be his last best sacrifice for his country.

It is well known that Jones and Eikenberry were countermanding his orders, interfering with strategy and generally wreaking havoc in the Afghan theater. They reported negatively back to Washington, undermining McChrystal, making it more and more difficult to achieve McChrystal's objectives. By the way, I have not confirmed it, but I have read that Jones and Eikenberry were roommates at West Point. Think they might have a joint agenda if that is true?

So General McChrystal realized that the only way to straighten the situation out was to plant the story, take the hit, hope that Obama has the gonads to do what is right and fire Jones and Eikenberry. In exchange, he makes the deal to retire and keep his mouth shut for a couple years. Then he will write his book. Did anyone notice that no one in the Administration is crowing about it after the day of the firing? Let the media quiet down and move on to the next big story. Part of the deal. Obama tamps down the fervor, Stan takes a quiet walk, and the bobsey twins get fired so that America can win.

Post Script: Eikenberry, in fighting with McChrystal over the past year used many of the same arguments that another American commander, John Abizaid, had used in opposing Petraeus's approach to Iraq. It was Abizaid and Eikenberry that were West Point roommates in the class of 1973.

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Anonymous said...

The US has fired generals for talking to the press/counter to the President going back AT LEAST to Civil War !! I would have to say you are correct. No way he "talked" to the Stones without knowing what was most likely going to happen. So it did indeed have to be on purpose.Of course the Libs/Left would never see it. Thanks for pointing it out though...I admit to being confused at the time as to why he talked to the press when he HAD to know the results. He was not fooled by the press OR a rogue/MacArthur thinking himself above the commander-in-chief. Good blog.

Walt Conrad