Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Deuce and Corruption, American Style


"N.Y. Times readers still in dark about scandal( The dwindling band who depend on The New York Times for their news don't know that their world has changed in some important ways ..."

The New York Times, the Gray Lady, the paper so famous for printing "all the news fit to print", now guilty of slow and grossly inept and incomplete reporting on the recent climategate scandal. Bad enough that supposed scientists have been manipulating data to support their theories; hiding and or destroying their raw data so their work could not be accurately reviewed by their peers; colluding with one another to blackball scientists with opposing theories and prevent critical reviews of their findings from being published in scientific journals. Now we can't even get the supposedly premier American newspaper to report the scandal in a timely and accurate fashion.

Why not? Because the owner and his managing editors are as corrupt as the now exposed scientists. After all, they can't risk telling the truth. Why, that would alienate all their upper east side caviar slurping useful idiots. Can't risk that don't you know? Who's cocktail parties would they go to? Glenn Beck's? Bill O'Reillly's? I have it on good authority that neither Beck or O'Reilly serve caviar at their cocktail parties, and even worse, neither thinks The Glorious Leader is a demi-god. How gouache! The New York Times; all the news that's fit to print, except what they don't want you to know. Not journalists, just propagandists.

Report: John Edwards engaged to mistress (New York Daily News) The disgraced 2008 presidential contender has proposed to his baby-mama, Rielle Hunter, and is even setting her up in a swank $3.5 million beachfront mansion ...

This man ran for president. The fact that he was cheating on his wife during his campaign is despicable, but unfortunately not surprising. What is, to me at least, surprising, is the man's chutzpa. He denied the affair, repeatedly, to every news outlet that would interview him. He lied, lied, and lied some more. When he was forced to admit the affair, he then denied paternity of his mistress's child. He somehow talked an employee of his into claiming he was the father. But the employee was as corrupt as Edwards, spilling the whole sordid affair in, what else, a tell-all book. When Edwards found out about the book about to be published, he admitted he was the father of the child. Edwards lied, lied and lied some more. On national TV! In front of millions of people! He gets caught, and he just plays it off like he got caught taking somebodies lunch out of the break room fridge. What a pathetic weasel.

Security guards stand by as girl brutally attacked(KING-TV, Seattle) Three security guards watched a group of teens punch, kick and rob a 15-year-old girl in the downtown Seattle Metro bus tunnel without intervening ...

Three men stand by and watch as a 15 year old girl is brutally attacked by another teenage girl. They do nothing but get on their radios, apparently to report the on-going assault to the real police. One watches; one turns his back; one walks away. When the assault is over, not one of these three men does so much as to offer aid to the victim. Not just corruption, but cowardice as well. What real man could stand by and watch such a thing and do nothing? A real man couldn't.

Shocker: Obama Suddenly “Agnostic ” About Tax Hikes For Americans Making Less Than $250,000/Year

Okay, it's really not fair for me to include a story about The Glorious Leader when I'm talking about corruption. I mean, come on! This is a Chicago Political Thug we're talking about. Not corrupt? Pa-leaze! BHO makes John Edwards look like a choir boy. Remember when Bush I so infamously said, "Read my lips, no new taxes," and then reneged on that promise less than two years later? Well guess what Sherlock, BHO is about to do the same thing...after stating dozens of times he wouldn't. What a guy! Instead of "Hope and Change" as a campaign slogan, he should of used "Hope, Change and Bullshit. Of course, B.S. is ubiquitous when you're talking about professional politicians, but BHO tosses it around so shamelessly even Bill Clinton is envious.

We don't stand for this crap in our personal lives. Why do we stand for it in our public affairs? Why is the Times still in business? Why does anyone pay the slightest attention to anything John Edwards has to say? Why are gutless cowards hired to provide "security"? Why is in unapologetic radical socialist sitting in the oval office?

It's because too many Americans are just like the people at the New York Times, their heads buried in the sand, afraid of reality; just like Edwards, surrendering to lust and forsaking vows taken in front of God and witnesses; cowards like those security guards, willing to see a teenage girl beaten as long as they didn't have to risk their precious butts; and bullshit artists like Obama, who'll say anything to anybody to get what they want.

If you know people like these, get the hell away from them. Your friend from work who cheats on his wife; your business partner who steals from your customers; your neighbor who beats his wife; your brother who sells meth to kids; your sister who does a little shoplifting to ease her boredom. Stop making excuses for them. Stop pretending you don't know what's going on. Stop being a coward.

Corruption. It's catching. Don't let it catch you.

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