Monday, November 23, 2009

I Can't Stand This Crap!

by Mr. Quarter

"Not that it matters politically because obviously she's a female Republican dunce and he's a male Democrat genius"

The quote above is the opening line from an article published in the Los Angles Times today regarding the tightening of public approval polling numbers between Sarah Palin and Barack Obama. Now, I personally am not sure that I would support Sarah Palin for high political office - although I voted for the McCain ticket in 2008. But, am absolutely fed up with the condescending clap trap that is dished out as journalism by the mainstream media! I mean really, is it so "obvious" that Sarah Palin is a dunce?

She certainly seems unpolished, or more precisely unadulterated by the oily slickness that pervades career politicians. I recently read an apt description of her methods and appeal as a "WalMart" kind of political strategy. The essence of which was find a need and fill it. The need was apparently that a plain spoken common identity that acknowledged that ordinary people may have an opinion that counts would connect with the voting public. That perhaps if you didn't have an Ivy League education, you could still have a role in governing.

I don't know what Ms. Palin's future plans are, but I sincerely hope that the MSM continues to underestimate her. It should be fun to watch.

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The Deuce said...

"...unadulterated by the oily slickness that pervades career politicians."
Well said. I also am unsure if Palin is ready for high political office, but she is as they say "a breath of fresh air" exactly because she remains untainted by the beltway cynicism and faux sophistication of the bi-coastal "elite". God bless her for that if nothing else.