Saturday, November 14, 2009

GW Bush 7 - Obama 0

By Mr. Quarter

I am struck by the unbending reluctance of the MSM, the Democrats in the Congress, and members of the Obama administration to call Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan's murderous acts terrorism. For those that just awoke from a long sleep, Maj. Hasan shot up a clinic at Ft. Hood Army base last week, killing 13 and wounding 32. Instead of calling this guy a terrorist, the Left seems most comfortable in calling him a victim. Poor man was suffering from the anxiety of the Army deploying him to Muslim countries where he might have to fight Muslims. He just lost it, the poor oppressed Muslim man.

The evidence seems to keep mounting that this guy was a sleeper agent of Al Qaida or some other Islamic extremist organization, placed here to cause murder and mayhem in the name of Allah. On the day of the shootings, witnesses reported that he leaped on to a table, pulled his weapons, shouted "Allahhu Akbar!", before firing. Today, there are reports in the newspapers that the guy was at the receiving or sending end of numerous wire transfers to Pakistan. Somehow the old adage, "Where there is smoke, there is fire" keeps popping into my head.

My guess is that the real reason for the Left's response the this heinous act it that the political office at the White House has sent out its talking points. The real truth of this is that George W. Bush kept this nation safe for seven years after 9/11 without faltering in his courage of conviction or determination that such an attack would never again take place against the United States while on his watch. Barry Obama, on the other hand, is a weak kneed and feckless apologist whose policies could not protect this country from another attack for even one year after he took office. Not only did he not protect us from another attack, but his policies have weakened this country and we will likely see more attacks come in the near future - especially since the Attorney General Eric Holder decided to hold federal criminal trials of the 9/11 planners in NYC. So you see dear reader, if the President or Democrats or the MSM were to acknowledge that Maj. Hasan's act was a terrorist act would be to admit that Barry just isn't getting the job done. More Americans will die if this self-centered concern by the President continues.

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