Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Will the Real Obama Stand Up?

I have to say that the current flap over the Reverend Wright seems overblown in a lot of ways. Frankly, I think that Obama's answer, "Those aren't my thoughts and those aren't my words." ought to put the whole thing to rest. I mean, can we really hold politicians accountable for the acts and words of persons with which they have some association, no matter how indirect or remote? I for one wouldn't want to be held accountable for the words or actions of my friends and family, merely because I have some association with them. Jesus, can you imagine? If you want to run for high office, you restrict your associations to priests and nuns - no, even that might not be safe!

I understand the argument that there is some reflection of character in the friends and associates you keep. But, there is a large distinction between actively embracing someone's ideas, working with them to realize those ideas versus merely listening to someone spout racist or politically incorrect drivel and remaining their friend in spite of their flaws. This is a tempest in a tea pot.

Obama has a real opportunity here if he wishes to take advantage. He can use this entire episode to create a stark contrast between himself and the kind of stereotypical vision of black clergy that many whites have - the kind of thing that really does scare them in to voting against someone because of race.

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Alien Probe said...

"I mean, can we really hold politicians accountable for the acts and words of persons with which they have some association, no matter how indirect or remote?"

Remote? Indirect? Obama described the so called "Reverend" Wright as his mentor and spiritual advisor. Obama sat in the pews of Wright's "church" for twenty years listening to the twisted and perverted version of christianity called "liberation theology" that Wright preaches. Wright performed Obama's marriage ceremony and baptized his children. Obama appointed Wright to his campaign as an advisor. This is hardly a "remote" or "inderect" association.
At best, Obama's association with Wright was for political expediency. Being a member of the big Black church on the southside of Chicago is good for a black politician from the Chicago area. You're seen as a church going man, and supporting liberation theology establishes your "blackness", despite the fact that you're not rhyming your speeches or flashing a Benz grill every time you smile.
At worst, Obama and Wright are fellow travellers. While Wright's sermons and Obama's speeches may sound different, underneath they have the same meaning. "Kill all the blue-eyed devils!" "It's all Whitey's fault!" "The White race owes us!"
Obama's the Pied Piper of "Change". The change he wants is to take Whitey's money and give it to the poor, oppressed, misunderstood and wrongfully maligned black race.
Never mind that the FBI's Uniform Crime Report shows that over 50% of all crime is committed by blacks, despite being only 13% of the population. That's Whitey's fault. Never mind that over 70% of all black births are out of wedlock. That's Whitey's fault.
Whites stopped being slave masters a very long time ago. It's time blacks stopped acting like their chains just came off yesterday.