Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mr. Quarter Admires An Elegant Trap

An elegant trap indeed.  Let's begin with a review of  some relevant factoids of the Bengahzi attack:

  • The attack occurs, apparently the third attack on this station in the past several months.  President Obama immediately declares that it was the result of a spontaneous demonstration over a video, indicates his regret that anyone would profane the Prophet while exercising their right to free speech, then winds up with a global statement that acts of terror and violence will not go unpunished. 
  • Obama visits two TV interview shows within the next 4 days and repeats that the attack was the result of a spontaneous demonstration over a video. 
  • Obama's ambassador to the United Nations (Susan Rice) makes the rounds of the Sunday talk shows the following Sunday and repeatedly asserts that the attack was the result of a spontaneous demonstration over a video - In her words, "our best information.".  
  • Two weeks later the story starts to leak out from Department of State and CIA that, well, that wasn't exactly right. During congressional hearings on the matter, two State Department officials state under oath that it was a planned Al Qaeda attack.  
  • On October 11, Vice President Joe Biden asserts with great vigor, again it was spontaneous and no one ever asked for more security help - "it was what we were told" and, "we were never informed." 

So the stage is set.

Meanwhile Bill Clinton is out on the hustings, doing what the Democratic Party expects if he wants their support for Hillary in 2016.  But after VP Joe blabbed to 60 million viewers that State must have dropped the ball, apparently Bill thought it was time to cut the losses and drop Barry down the pipe.  So I imagine that  he and Hillary huddled and came up with the most elegant trap of all time.  Hillary, in the mature adult statesmanlike manner will step up to the microphone, the day before the 2nd presidential debate and one week before the final debate dedicated to foreign policy, and announce that enough is enough because the buck stops with her!. Media stories abound on her falling on the sword for Obama.  She is a hero.

And what of poor Barry?  He had to step in it and then on to a debate with his fly undone.  Bill/Hillary left him with a perfect no win  situation.  If he doesn't now step up, leaving the "buck" so to speak with her, then he looks like a leader that isn't willing to take responsibility and will throw very senior people under the bus to save his own skin.  Bad within the Party and really bad optics for the public to see.   On the other hand, if he takes responsibility, the entire affair then falls on him including all the appearances of a cover up.  Bad optics for the public.  Got to hand it to the Clintons, they really came up with a sweet, sweet response that sinks Barry no matter where he goes and got Hillary next to sainthood status.

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