Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Deuce and the "Arab Spring"

The good and just Arab Spring, over flowing with democracy and diversity and religious tolerance (unless you're an infidel or a woman), yesterday produced it's first poisonous fruit when four U.S. diplomats at the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, were murdered either by a mob of Muslim tards or a coordinated attack by Al-Qaeda assassins, depending upon the media outlet reporting the news and the current state of intel America has been able to acquire regarding the killing.

As a relatively minor side-show Muslims in Cairo, Egypt, stormed the U.S. embassy compound, tore down the American flag and ripped it to pieces, and replaced it with a flag associated with Al-Qaeda while chanting, "Obama...we are all Osama!"

And to think president Obama supported the Arab Spring, and even went so far as to help the Libyan rebels by firing somewhere between 50 and 100 cruise missiles at Libyan government military installations during the revolt (against my advice I might add...see previous post The Deuce Effects U.S. Foreign Policy!).

According to Fox News, America has given away $150 billion dollars to middle eastern countries in the last 20 years, calling it "foreign aid". A great deal of that taxpayer money went to Libya and especially Egypt. As of now that foreign aid continues to grease the skids of democracy in the Muslim world and enable them to enjoy their free time by exercising their sharia right to kill infidels.

So far, the Obama administration's reaction to the murders in Benghazi is the predictable "Man, that really sucks" and "Rev. Wright says it's probably our fault" and "My administration will work with the Libyan government to make sure we bring these poor, misguided and under-appreciated future Democrats to justice just like we're doing with Army Major Hassan, the Ft. Hood traitor who murdered 13 fellow soldiers OVER TWO YEARS AGO and has still not been brought to trial 'cause he's got this beard see and the judge said he had to shave it for his court martial but Hassan doesn't want to and the appeals court hasn't ruled yet on whether or not Hassan can be forcibly shaved and there are just so many religious freedom issues and THIS IS ALL REALLY REALLY HARD!"

Who knew the Arab Spring wouldn't be full of butterflies and song-birds and cuddly little lambs prancing in the oasis?

Anybody with a brain.

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