Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Deuce Spikes Diversity

I'm surprised by the lack of comments, rants or criticism of my posts regarding diversity. No one has even bothered to call me a racist! Either my thesis is so self evident it's not worth commenting on, or the subject of race is so volatile most people would rather just keep their thoughts to themselves. Either way, continuing to discuss diversity seems to me pointless and so I will leave the subject where it is and move on to more interesting topics.


Anonymous said...

Deuce, I just plain didn't get your point. It was rambled and I really couldn't see where you are going. People like to hang out with those they are most similar to? Ok, and? I away with racist crap and then what?? That peoples comfort zone is with people they are most like seems self evident. All well and good as long as you aren't using that as an excuse to segregate. The only problem I see with " Diversity" as it seems to be preached today is A) When it is forced. Mingling of groups/races/religions should generally not be forced OR prohibited. Also B) One group joining another and then trying to force changes on the first group...because they MUST be sensitive to the " diverse" thoughts or attitudes or whatever. The value of " Diversity" in America that has been lost is this. People came to America from everywhere !! The racial and ethnic groups naturally tended at least at first to stay together. However....the key was this. Everyone was expected to conform to certain common " American" goals that overrode any individual groups. Such as.... Same language ( English) Religion...any will do , work !! ( not be given everything) along with that education and personal freedom-and responsibility. Also Capitalism and Democracy. Ideas were taken and examined from all " Diverse" groups....those that were good or better were incorporated and those that weren't are rejected. Where America lost sight....It is great to come to the table with " diverse" ideas. It is not great to expect everyone else to suddenly start speaking like you, dressing like you being like you( and your " diverse" ) ways. This is America...if you want to be something else...go there. If America continues to try to be " Diverse" using the modern term..we will stop being 1 country. We will be a Balcanized mess..Much like the former Yugoslav Republic which splintered badly. Or to use a different example. Canada's biggest weakness is probably Quebec. They beat France about 300 years ago..yet they let the French minority not only speak French but Quebec province is practically a country within a country.

The Deuce said...

Let me break it down for you Anon. Whenever you hear anyone say "Diversity is our greatest strength", or "diversity is good"...what they're really saying is "There's too many damn white people here."

Anonymous said...

Ok, so?? Back to South Africa style segregation?? Keep America for whites only?? What does any of that even mean? Some reminders. In my opinion the biggest challenges to the US come from Mexico and Muslims. Both of which may be considered " white". Sorry, just not following you on this one.