Wednesday, July 15, 2009

If it looks like a duck....

By Conservative Ken

One of the interesting aspects of the current political landscape is the incredible stonewalling that is going on regarding our president's true citizenship and eligibility to serve as president. Now, before you label me as a right-wing zealot, racist, and conspiracy-nut, please understand the lay of the land as it exists today....

There are currently in excess of forty lawsuits pending that are challenging the legal citizenship status, and subsequent eligibility to serve as president, of Mr. Obama. That's not an opinion - that's simply fact.

Mr. Obama has spent upwards of $1 million to thwart any effort to have these lawsuits move forward through our legal system, and has had, among others, the State of California, support his efforts to suppress these cases from ever seeing the light of a courthouse. That's is not an opinion - that's simply fact.

The constitution of the United States requires that a person be a naturally born citizen of the United States to be eligible to serve as president. That is not an opinion - that's simply fact.

Mr. Obama has not provided the documentation that would clarify his citizenship status one way or the other. During his campaign, in an effort to address the citizenship question, he posted a document on his website that was proven to be a forgery. These are not opinions - that's simply fact.

Mr. Obama, acting in the role of president, has put forth an aggressive liberal legislative agenda that will put our nation in debt at unprecedented levels. Mr. Obama, acting in the role of president, is changing the role of our military and has consistently apologized for the past actions of our nation, despite our nation's long and wonderful history of being the world's most staunch defender of freedom - ours and other nations. These are not opinions - that's simply fact.

I could continue on in this vein, but the most salient point is that we the people have the right to know that our government is being led by a person legally entitled to serve as president. Instead, that person is stonewalling and aggressively defames anyone with the temerity to question or challenge him or his administration on this issue. The issue itself is never addressed - the one presenting the issue is simply ridiculed in the public mass media. This is very dangerous, and we must know the answer to this most fundamental question regarding Mr. Obama.

Regardless of your personal politics, just ask yourself this question: who would spend upwards of $1 million of their own money to keep such lawsuits out of court, when the entire issue could be addressed and resolved permanently in less than 2 minutes - if the person being questioned, in fact, had the necessary documentation to substantiate their claim? I keep coming to the disturbing conclusion that only someone that doesn't have the necessary documentation is the correct answer.

I might be right - I could be wrong about Mr. Obama. One thing I know is that I've written to every Supreme Court justice individually; to my two US senators individually, and to my congressman, urging them to resolve this most critical of issues. I urge you to write to your elected officials as well. We the People have the right and the need to know.

Oh yes; please don't bother writing to Mr. Obama; he's not interested in this issue.

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The Deuce said...

Where are Woodward and Bernstein when we need them? Oh, wait...the MSM only investigates Republicans now.
Where is the lone hero in Hawaii that has access to state birth records and is willing to leak the documents, or conversely leak that no such birth documents for The Glorious Leader exist in Hawaii? Oh, wait...75% of the Hawaiian vote went to Obama.
Oh well, at least we got the first "black" president ( half black, but that counts, right? ). Who are we to deny half of America their sublime moment in history?