Wednesday, March 11, 2009

They're not Undocumented - they're ILLEGAL - part 2

In my last post regarding this subject, I left you with two essential questions....

First, if we as a society are going to pick and choose which laws we're going to obey and which we'll not, then by definition, we are living in anarchy. My question is, "is this what our government wants us to do"?

I want to believe the answer is "no", but I think in light of our recent election, the answer is undoubtedly "yes'' - at least with regard to immigration law. You see, the vast majority of these ILLEGAL ALIENS benefit significantly from being here. They enjoy our healthcare system, our education system, our social services, driving, and an many other benefits that we are paying for. By "we", I mean LEGAL CITIZENS. Our support systems are financially failing because we're providing services to literally millions of ILLEGAL ALIENS who contribute nothing toward the cost of these services. This has to stop, but don't count on that happening. For as long as we continue to provide these services at no charge, more and more ILLEGAL ALIENS will cross the border to take part in our wonderful society. So, our immigration laws mean virtually nothing. We could stop it, but we choose not to. Could it be because these ILLEGAL ALIENS are viewed as future DEMOCRATIC voters? I'm thinking that has a significant part in this folly. As a result, I'm in the process of deciding which laws I want to ignore....more later.

The second question I asked is, "what do we do with the millions of ILLEGAL ALIENS that are already here"? This really isn't as difficult as our government would make it sound. In an effort to show my humanitarian side, I'm going to suggest the following approach be taken....

First, all ILLEGAL ALIENS must register with the government by May 1, 2009. This shouldn't be too difficult, as they're not on vacation for goodness sakes - they're here, allegedly working, so they shouldn't have too much of a problem making themselves available. In an important note, this registration does NOT change their status to LEGAL.

Second, any unregistered ILLEGAL ALIEN found after May 1st, will be immediately deported back to their country of origin.

Third, any company after May 1st found to be employing unregistered ILLEGAL ALIENS will be fined $25,000 per day until all offenders are registered. Should any company violate this provision more than once, the fine will increase to $100,000 per day.

Fourth, any registered ILLEGAL ALIEN that commits a crime will be immediately imprisoned and prosecuted. If convicted, they will immediately begin serving their sentences without the possibility of parole. Once the sentence has been served in full they will be deported. If found in the US again, they will be imprisoned for life - no parole - no exceptions - and NO CABLE.

Fifth, all registered ILLEGAL ALIENS will immediately begin paying income taxes, state taxes, social security, medicare, etc. Their employers will pay all appropriate taxes for these employees. The ILLEGAL ALIENS will begin serving a 3 year probationary term during which they must not commit any crime or violate any provision of any local, state, or federal law. If they do, they will be deported immediately after serving their appropriate sentence or paying their fines. If they succeed, they may apply for citizenship through normal diplomatic channels and be subject to acceptance or rejection by established federal guidelines. If rejected, they must leave the country within 10 days. Any effort to evade deportation will result in conviction and be administered by the provisions of condition four above.

Finally, we must commit to border security - real border security - and severely punish those who seek to violate our nation. We should not be hesitant to warn potential ILLEGAL ALIENS that they risk being killed by any number of methods in efforts to invade our nation. We should not build a fence - it's a waste of money and will easily be compromised. We need to build a mote - 150 feet across and 150 feet deep across our southern border. The mote will be stocked with a variety of creatures that will act in accordance with their natural instincts should they find potential food sources in the water.

Sounds crazy? That's because I'm trying to solve a problem - not perpetuate one.

Conservative Ken


Anonymous said...

I think your strategy is too soft Ken. If I were King of America I would do the following.

1. All illegal aliens have 120 days to liquidate whatever assets they have accumulated in the U.S. and leave the country. If found to be in the U.S. after this 120 day period, the following will happen...

2. all assests will be seized and will become the property of whatever local governmental jurisdication controls. Liquid assets such as bank accounts, investment portfolios and 401k's will go directly into the local treasury; businesses, homes, real estate, vehicles and other physical property will be sold at auction and the proceeds go into the local treasury.

3. The illegal aliens will be photographed, fingerprinted and have DNA samples taken. Then they will be tatooed on the upper cheek below the outer corner of the eye with the letters "IA" ( for illegal alien ), then deported with the full understanding that should they EVER be found in the U.S. again they will immediately be executed.

4. The above will apply to ALL illegal aliens, including those who entered the U.S. legally but then over stayed their visa or otherwise violate U.S. law regarding resident aliens ( hence becoming "illegal" aliens ).

5. National Guard units from Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California will augment the Border Patrol along the border with Mexico. A five mile deep Frontier Zone will be established immediately inside the border, with the Guard units empowered to detain anyone suspected of being in the country illegally, and if asscertaining the person is in the country illegally will check to see if said person has been previously deported. If so, that person will be executed. If not, then the illegal alien will enter the system per paragraph two.

Both Guard units and the Border Patrol will be authorized to use deadly force to stop anyone attempting to cross the border into the U.S. illegally.

6. All employers will be required to use the existing Social Security Number verification system to determine if someone is authorized to work in the U.S. If the SSN provided by the potential employer proves to be false or stolen, then that applicant will not be hired and all employment application information will immediately be provided to the local Guard, Border Patrol or ICE office for further prosecution. Any empoyer found to be in violation of this law will be fined $10,000 per violation and the owner or CEO and Human Resources Manager of said employer will be charged with a felony and prosecuted, and if convicted will face a mandatory prison sentence of not less than one year for the first offense and not less than five years for any subsequent offense.

7. Any person born in the U.S. but of a mother in the U.S. illegally shall be denied U.S. citizenship and be deported to the nation where the mother held citizenship.

The bottom line is this. Any laws that are less than Draconian will be ineffective. It will take the severe laws I've described to seriously reduce the number of illegal aliens in America.

Rick said...

Sounds rather harsh! How about simply making them pay payroll and income taxes like everyone else.